It often occurs that customers have not selected the right service when making their appointment. Sometimes a customer who would need a long appointment has taken a short appointment, and then next customer who actually needs a short service, has booked the maximum long service. Customers don't read the service description carefully, or book their appointment too hastly.

Having a "Service selection wizard" as a 1st step of the booking process would solve this issue.

When going to the booking page, a customizable pop-up wizard would come to the screen. The wizard would ask the customer some questions about their needs, such as:

Do you have multiple issues that need to be addressed? Yes/No (If yes, then the wizard would recommend long appointment, and if no, a short appointment)

Are you coming as a follow-up to your previous visit, or are you coming with a new issue? Follow-up/New (the wizard would recommend the right service based on the selection)

Have you visited us within the last 3 months? Yes/No (if yes, the wizard would recommend a short follow-up visit, and if no, the wizard would recommend longer visit)


It would be great to have this kind of enhancement for the booking screen. If there is already some solution for this, I would like to hear how to implement it.


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