It would be great if the PADDING after an appointment could take into account the OFF Days, 

For example, if something is booked out on a Thursday for a 2 Day Booking Session, with Saturday and Sunday OFF with a 1 Day PADDING, the system currently says "Ok, Thursday and Friday are your 2 Days, Saturday is your one day padding and then it's available on Monday. 

If the addition could be made to take PADDING into account on OFF Days then the padding would be truly reflective of business hours and not days. So a 2 Day Booking Session on Thursday says "Ok, Thursday and Friday are your 2 days" then the weekend is OFF and Monday is recognized as the 1 Day Padding so it's available to book again on Tuesday.

Anyone using the system for reserving or booking resources will understand that sometimes you need a window for items to be returned (during office hours) before they can be booked again...


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