When using the Compound Service add-on and have first one simple service, after a spare time and the second simple service the customer want's to have the same 
staff member doing all that, not a different staff member. It would be great to have the possibility for customers to choose the staff member as they want for both services.


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    Sigurður Erlingsson

    This is a must to have.   Because customer that are booking service at hair salon , want to have the same staff member doing all the service,  hair coloring and hair cut. 

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    Agree, there should be at least be given a possibility to choose from, especially when the staff member of the second service (and perhaps more following services) differs from the first one. 

    With the default settings I am not sure that the staff member will be the same and needs to be changed manually because my customers aren't satisfied as members will be switched during the services.



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