I am looking for the ability to organise the backend calendar viewer.  If you had the ability to choose which staff members went in which columns then you would get a massive bump in flexibility.  So in practise if I had 3 staff performing the same service but on different days (so their calendars didn't overlap - that would be sorted using the special hours plugin and staff schedule) So

Staff member 1A - Mon-Wed

Staff Member 1B - Thurs/Fri

Staff Member 1C - Sat/Sun

In the back end that would require 3 columns but in reality they would all fit nicely into 1.  Further more if you had the staff categories to hold Staff Member 1 (A,B and C), then Staff Member 2 (A,B and C) then all you would need to do is have the backend calendar show columns for the categories instead!

Hopefully that makes sense!



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