Found a problem... Real problem.

If you use Google Analytics and e-commerce tracing (one of the basis as a conversion tracing) - you can not provide booking ID from bookly plugin to Google.

The appointment ID code (#1... # 215 etc) in fact is not an unique. That's just a session (seance) ID. Real booking ID this plugin do not provide.

For example customer id #75 book a 2 tickets to the cinema X on Monday, 30th of February 2020 :). 

This customer gets `wp_ab_appointments` = 237 

But other customer books ticket to the same the time. He will also get appointment 237. Screenshot https://prnt.sc/n8l6yk

Providing those data to google e-commerce you can not provide UNIQUE booking ID.


The solution is translate to booking id an ID of record in `wp_ab_customer_appointments` - it should be a {booking_number}

But the ID of `wp_ab_appointments` should be just {event_number} . It could be unique if case only one customer place an appointment. Otherwise there would be duplicates. Due to those duplicates you can not identify your customer by the {booking_number} in the current version of the plugin. :(




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