My business serves mainly a local clientele and I'd therefore prefer to enter a local placeholder phone number for the Bookly form instead of the one that it defaults to for my country code (since that default placeholder phone number uses an area code for a province in another part of the country).  This feature would consist of adding a text field in settings that allows me to specify a default placeholder phone number to go along with the default country code.

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    Yes, we are getting some very confused customers due to the placeholder phone number that is appearing. In our case they think that it is their phone number (which they have already entered into a form somewhere else). Even after they try to go to the next step they don't see the error message so we had to put all of this ugly text in capital letters so they would notice. It's not a very nice user experience.

    We would prefer that there was no phone number shown at all, which would prompt them to fill it in. Or failing this, make it not really look like a phone number.

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