I installed the Bookly plugin and it is working well.  For my situation I will be directing clients to a single page for all Bookly appointments so I only need the Bookly-specific code (javascript/css/etc.) to be inserted on this page.  Unfortunately, the "Print" method of inserting the code does not seem to work with my theme (Avada by Theme Fusion) so I am only able to use the "Enqueue" option.

But using this method inserts the Bookly code on every single page on my site and this is negatively affecting my page load times and it just seems like poor practice to load resources that aren't required for 99% of the pages on my site.  Is there any way to tweak the plugin so that it only inserts the code on the one page of my site that I have the Bookly form?  I am somewhat knowledgeable with code and could customize the plugin code myself, I'm just looking for some advice on where in the various plugin files the code insertion is handled.

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    Thank you for contacting us.

    Please send us an email to support@bookly.info with a description of your problem (or just copy this text into the ticket) so we can look into this mater. Thanks!

    Best regards,


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