New to Bookly.  I'm trying to figure out how to set it up for users to schedule audition appointments.  I need to:

  • restrict available time slots to 2 or 3 specific days a couple of months from now
  • restrict appointments to short time periods (5 to 15 minutes TBD)
  • Be able to repeat the process for future productions

So far, it looks like I have to click every single date I don't want to make it unavailable.  Is there some way to specify only the dates I want?

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    Thank you for the question.

    1. I would recommend Special Days add-on if you want to make available for booking only certain days in your schedule. For more details about this add-on please check here:  https://support.booking-wp-plugin.com/hc/en-us/articles/212817929-Special-Days-Add-on

    2. To restrict appointments to short time period you can set padding time before and/or after an appointment. For example, if you require 15 minutes to prepare for the next appointment then you should set "padding before" to 15 min. If there is an appointment from 8:00 to 9:00 then the next available time slot will be 9:15 rather than 9:00. If this is not your case, please provide an example of what do you mean by "restrict appointments".

    3. Please clarify what do you mean by "Be able to repeat the process for future productions". Do you want to allow recurring appointments or you meant something else?

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