I have a strange problem with the scedule .

when i set (under settings monday working from 17:00 til 21:00 ) and i goes to employee

and goes to time planning en put there also monday working from 17:00 til 21:00 . i hit save
 i go  to the form under step 1 i choose the same employee and i  hit the next button and then i go to monday and if i 
chooce moday there is a total different time .

what have i done to fix the problem ?

a. under wp settings chance time format

b. under bookly pro chance the working time 

i use (for exsample) in the main form the chance time zone 

but nothing seems to work . Don't know wat to do

regards Bennie



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    Hello Bennie!

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Could you please send us an email to support@bookly.info with the description of this problem and your Purchase code so we can look into this matter? Thank you.


    Best regards,


    Bookly Support Team


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