Different prices according the day and hour. Weekends, holidays... Samuelmoreno Gestion 3 comments 5 votes None
Update Zoom meeting URL to include unique meeting password Jim 15 comments 3 votes None
Conversion Tracking with Google Analytics Lisa Forster 6 comments 3 votes None
Can I remove the phone number question from details? Annika designstudio 7 comments 3 votes None
Zoom - Multiple Staff Members Channy 3 comments 2 votes None
Message box does not display the accept button Ralf Korell 1 comment 2 votes None
Bookly has stopped sending notification emails since last update. Sang Tat 7 comments 2 votes None
The Next Button don't work Daniel Nusser 2 comments 2 votes Answered
Change the order of the tabs, to identify the user or client first. Joshua 0 comments 2 votes None
customer password reset Rodrigo 6 comments 2 votes None
Help - Setup email - french langage - Can't edit the emails - Edit buttons doesn't work Marc Binggeli 8 comments 1 vote None
Only three times booking monthly・・・ Michelle 0 comments 1 vote None
PHP API Nathan Akrill 0 comments 1 vote None
Please help - services for different staff members are not showing on front end Bee Mills 0 comments 1 vote None
Bookly form not working Aziz Williams 4 comments 1 vote None
Cart Abandonment - Bookly Cart Addon Damien Zouaoui 4 comments 1 vote None
Calendar date selection not working Dana Rasmussen 2 comments 1 vote None
Book a course on a specific day AndyLee 1 comment 1 vote None
Zoom integration Nina 2 comments 1 vote None
Next update Peder Wahlberg 2 comments 1 vote None
Prepurchase questions Marco Urso 1 comment 1 vote None
Even though my client hasn't paid for required deposit, Bookly still takes a time slot in my Google Calendar. Sang Tat 4 comments 1 vote None
Feature request NicolasBertoldi 0 comments 1 vote None
Multiple bookings for a single employee in a given slot Rajsekar 4 comments 1 vote None
Create Quickbooks invoice with new Bookly appointment? Conor 0 comments 1 vote None
Exclude bookly from caching on a onepage website gr00ns 0 comments 1 vote None
Number of days available for booking Ronald Van Dijk 1 comment 1 vote None
Automatic Payment Status Update Joy Archibald 1 comment 1 vote None
Bookly Minimal g0lis 3 comments 1 vote Answered
WP Super Cache support and code optimisation Euro Segway 5 comments 1 vote None
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