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Can I create a buffer between appointments (e.g. for preparation)?

We call them "padding times", and you can set them separately for each service in Bookly > Services.

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    Suh Kristina

    Padding time:
    I added padding to beginning of the services, it changed the appointment from 1hr to 1hr & 30min, but the padding wasn't added to the beginning of the appointment. It was added to the end.

    I need it to be added to the beginning of the appointment, as it is a home visit and we need 30min buffer to get there.
    eg. the customer chooses 1pm, it needs to show 1pm-2pm as the appointment, but block off another 30min infront of the appointment. So when someone goes to book the appointment, the system needs to identify a 30min buffer and only allow them to book after the that. I hope that makes sense.

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    Support Team

    It works the way you described with exception of first and last appointment of the day, but for the rest of the appointments the padding will be taken account before displaying the available slots.

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