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Can an appointment be a whole day long or more?

Yes, you can set the length of an appointment up to 7 days. Appointments longer than one day are available as of v13.2.

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    Angelika Vaillard

    Will there be a multi-day (Weekly) reservations in the near future? I need a system of reservation that allows to book a weekly, such as Saturdays to Saturdays?

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    Support Team

    Currently this is not supported, though there's a feature request for the multi day booking -

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    Jean-Philippe Héon

    Hello, yes please let me know if we could book an appointment for more than 1 days. As it will be very helpful for us

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    Support Team

    At the moment this is not supported, as the longest duration of the service is a full day.

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    lee myers

    any news on making the services available for more ththan one day?

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