How can I configure CRON to send the Bookly reminders?

Bookly requires cron setup for sending scheduled Email and SMS notifications (appointment reminders, birthday greetings, staff agendas), SMS campaigns, and automatic appointment status changes. You can enable the Bookly cloud solution – Bookly Cloud Cron, or set up cron in your hosting provider’s control panel (require some technical skills).

Enable Bookly Cloud Cron

In Bookly Cloud > Products, enable Cloud Cron by clicking on the Get started button. No additional configuration is required.


Bookly Cloud cron runs every 5 minutes, so you can be sure that Bookly will properly perform all your time-based actions.

Configure cron command via the hosting control panel

Open your hosting control panel, find the “cron jobs” link, create a new cron job, add this command and configure it to hourly execution:

wget -q -O -

Do not forget to replace to your real site name.

Read the documentation for some popular hostings:

If you have any troubles with configuring the cron job command, please contact your hosting provider support team.

Configure cron command on a linux-like OS

Please follow this Wiki article to set up cron job on a linux-like OS or contact your system administrator to assist with this matter.

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