Which paypal addon should I purchase to use paypal as the way to purchase.

Should I use standard or checkout?

Whats the difference?



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    Thanks for contacting us.

    PayPal Express Checkout vs PayPal Payments Standard:

    Express Checkout 

    • A client has to log in or register at PayPal
    • Available as a part of the main Bookly Pro plugin

    Payments Standard

    • A client can just enter credit card details, no PayPal account necessary
    • Available as a separate add-on for Bookly

    Note that PayPal service availability varies by country/region. In some countries, PayPal does not allow paying by card, but only allows payment through PayPal account.

    See more info in our documentation here: https://support.booking-wp-plugin.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001959669-PayPal-Payments-Standard-Add-on
    Feel free to contact us at support@bookly.info in case you have any additional questions.

    Bookly Customer Support

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