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PayPal Payments Standard Add-on

Accept credit card payments along with online payment systems without having to set up a separate payment system. Clients can choose to pay via their PayPal account or by entering credit card details, no PayPal account necessary. Purchase and download the add-on here.


Compare PayPal Express Checkout vs PayPal Payments Standard

Express Checkout

  • A client has to log in or register at PayPal
  • Available as a part of the main Bookly plugin 

Payments Standard

  • A client can just enter credit card details, no PayPal account necessary
  • Available as a separate add-on for Bookly


Set Up PayPal Payments Standard

1. Download the PayPal Payments Standard add-on for Bookly; install it as a new plugin.

2. In Settings > Payments, see PayPal payment system and choose ‘Payments Standard’ from the drop-down menu.

3. Enter your PayPal ID.

4. Leave Sandbox mode as ‘disabled’ if you want to launch PayPal payment method right away; switch to ‘enabled’ for testing.

You can set the order for payment options display on the front-end (Payment step in a booking form). Go to Bookly menu > Settings > Payments and simply drag the sandwich icon to move the payment option up or down the list.




Pricing capabilities - learn all about setting up pricing for your services.

Manage payments and appointments - keep track of your transaction log.



More payment options - if you want to give your clients a choice of payment methods.

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  • Avatar
    Ryan Hutchinson

    Sorry if I'm overlooking something obvious but I'm not seeing the PayPal Payments Standard Add-On anywhere on your site or in your portfolio on Envato / CodeCanyon. Is this going to be made available for purchase soon?

    I'm also curious to know a couple of things:

    1. The payment form will be integrated directly within a website? No need to open PayPal in a new window/tab?

    2. Will an SSL certificate be required or recommended for sites processing PayPal payments using this add-on?


  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Ryan, the add-on was approved by Envato yesterday, so it's available for purchase.

    1) The user will be redirected to a PayPal page to make the payment.

    2) It's not necessary, as the payment will be processed on PayPal's page, which is a secured page.

    Edited by Support Team
  • Avatar
    Jacob Silva

    I have the need to utilize PayPal's Authorize and Capture feature to collect payment method without immediately charging account. Can this be done through PayPal Express or this new Standard add-on? From my understanding, the PayPal API has a function built-in that allows it but I can't find documentation regarding your plugins usage of this feature.

    Thank you!

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Jacob, currently this functionality is not supported. The new PayPal Payments Standard add-on offers the option for customers to pay just by entering their credit card details, without having a PayPal account.

  • Avatar
    Jungwoo Lee

    I wonder how the payment form by paypal Standard would look different from the payment form by paypal Express?
    I know users will be redirected to a Paypal page by the two payment methods.
    Can I see any screenshot regarding it?

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Lee, the payment page won't look different, it will look the same as the page for PayPal Express Checkout.

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