Stripe Payments Add-on


All add-ons for Bookly require Bookly PRO installed and activated.

Integrate the Stripe payment gateway seamlessly into your Bookly system to process online transactions directly on your website.

With Stripe Checkout, your customers can conveniently pay for services right within the Bookly booking form using their credit cards, ensuring a smooth and streamlined payment experience.


1. Purchase, download and install the Bookly Stripe (Add-on) in Plugins.

2. Before proceeding, ensure you have a Stripe account.

3. In Settings > Payments, enable the Stripe payment option.

4. Enter the Secret Key and Publishable Key obtained from your Stripe account to establish the connection.

5. The price correction feature allows you to adjust the booking cost by adding a fee or discount when a customer selects this payment option.

6. The time interval of the payment gateway determines the duration after which the payment made via the payment gateway is considered incomplete. If the customer doesn’t complete the payment within the configured period, the appointment will be rejected. Please note that this functionality requires a scheduled cron job.


Starting from v1.7, you should follow the steps below to update your Bookly Stripe (Add-on) settings for SCA compliance.

1. Ensure your Bookly Stripe (Add-on) is updated to version 1.7 or later.

2. In Bookly Settings > Payments > Stripe, verify that the Publishable Key is correctly provided.

3. In the Dashboard's Webhooks settings section, click Add endpoint to add a new endpoint for receiving events. Enter the URL provided in your Bookly settings as the destination for events (http://your-website-address/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=bookly_stripe_ipn). Set the latest API version.

4. Add the following events:


and click Add endpoint to save the changes.


Live Stripe integrations require the use of HTTPS. For detailed information, refer to the Stripe Docs.

To rearrange the order of payment options displayed on the front-end booking form drag the sandwich icon next to the desired payment option to move it up or down the list.

Settings > Payments in Bookly Pro



Learn more about payment options – if you want to let your clients choose a payment method.

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