Square Payments


This integration requires Bookly PRO installed and activated.

With Square Payments enabled, you can seamlessly integrate the Square payment gateway into your Bookly booking form, allowing clients to conveniently pay for your services online.


1. In your Bookly Cloud account under Products, click on the Get started button next to Square Payments.

2. Navigate to Settings > Payments in the Bookly menu and activate the Square Cloud method.

3. Go to the Square Developer dashboard.

4. Select an app or create a new one.

Square Payments – setup

5. Depending on whether you're in Sandbox or Production mode, look for the Application ID and Access token. These credentials will need to be entered into the corresponding fields on the settings page in Bookly.

Square Payments – setup

6. Within the Square Developer dashboard, go to Webhooks > Subscriptions.

7. Depending on your mode (Sandbox or Production), press Add subscription button, enter the URL provided on the settings page in Bookly as the destination for events in Events, and then save your changes.

Square Payments – setup

8. Under Locations in the Square Developer dashboard, look for the necessary location and copy the Location ID. This ID should be entered into the corresponding field on the settings page in Bookly.

Square Payments – setup

9. The price correction feature allows you to adjust the booking cost by adding a fee or discount when a customer selects this payment option.

10. The time interval of the payment gateway determines the duration after which the payment made via the payment gateway is considered incomplete. If the customer doesn’t complete the payment within the configured period, the appointment will be rejected. Please note that this functionality requires a scheduled cron job.

To rearrange the order of payment options displayed on the front-end booking form drag the sandwich icon next to the desired payment option to move it up or down the list.



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