Individual Pricing & Other Tips

In Bookly, you can set individual prices for services offered by specific staff members by going to Staff Members > Edit > Services. This functionality enables your customers to view distinct pricing options for each staff member when they book appointments. However, if you choose to hide this option, you can do so in the Appearance section.

Appearance section in Bookly PRO

In the modern booking forms, the visibility of prices is managed by configuring the card content. Uncheck the box to hide it.

Appearance section in Bookly PRO

You can set available payment options for each of your staff members separately. For instance, you can disable the Local payment option for employees who offer virtual appointments through Zoom or Google Meet.

Staff Members section in Bookly

To remove the payment step from the booking process, simply deactivate all payment options in Settings > Payments. Consequently, the booking form will seamlessly progress to the final step once the customer has confirmed the summary of their booking.

The Payments list in your Bookly menu resembles the list of appointments, but it is tailored to provide a comprehensive view of all appointments from a payments perspective. You can conveniently sort and filter transactions based on various criteria such as service, status, payment method, and more.

Payments section in Bookly

Table settings

Click on the eye icon in the upper right corner of the page to select the columns you want to display in the Payments table. Reorder the columns effortlessly using the drag & drop option.

Table settings in the Payments section

If needed, you can manually adjust the payment details. Click on Details on the right, and then click the Manual adjustment button. Use "-" if you want to reduce the initial price. Any modifications you make will be saved, and the total price will be recalculated accordingly.


You can use the price correction feature for various payment gateways, which will impact the total cost of the booking. Navigate to Settings > Payments and specify an extra charge or discount in the respective fields.


Leave tips for staff

Allow clients to leave a tip for your staff by enabling this option in Appearance > Payment tab > Show tips.

Appearance section in Bookly

The payment details will then display this amount on a separate line.

Payment details in Bookly



Deposit Payments (Add-on) – set up a deposit amount to be paid at the time of booking.

Special Hours (Add-on) – for pricing dependent on the hour of the appointment.

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