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Deposit Payments Add-on

Divide payment into 2 instalments: a portion of the price paid online during booking, with the rest to be paid offline when the client arrives for their appointment.

Available for purchase here.



1. Download and install as a new plugin in your WordPress dashboard.

2. Set up deposit amounts in Staff Members > Services, under the new Deposit column. The deposit amount is set individually for each staff member and each service.


Customer Experience

Customers will see the deposit amount required as early in the booking process as possible – when confirming appointment details (or cart details if cart add-on is enabled). 

When proceeding to the final step of booking process the customer will be asked to pay the deposit amount (though, you can let them choose between deposit payment and full price payment – see Deposit options in Settings > Payments). The information about the amount paid and amount due can be included in the notification sent to the customer (see setup below).

With the deposit placed, the customer can complete the payment via a bank transfer or by paying offline at the time of visit. When they do, admin will have to mark payment as complete in the payment details window (to get there, open the appointment from Calendar or Appointments list and click on the payment icon next to the customer name). Only then the correct payment amount will show up in the Payments list.



Manage Deposits

New Deposit property is added to appointments and payments in the respective Appointments and Payments lists. The deposit amount will be shown as a hard amount for all appointments, including for those with the deposit amount set up as percentage of the appointment cost - in this case, the paid deposit amount will be rounded up to a whole number (no decimals).

The Payment Details window now shows ‘amount paid’ and ‘amount due’ for partially paid appointments with the Complete Payment button which sets the order as fully paid.

Amounts paid and due can be integrated into the booking form and notifications via the new {amount_paid} and {amount_due} codes. As always, they’re added to the cheat sheet on the Appearance and Notifications pages.


Get your Deposit Payments add-on here.


Try this demo (both front-end and back-end versions) to get a better understanding of how the Deposit Payments add-on works.

See this video about deposit payments in Bookly.

If you wish you can join a community of translators who help us in Bookly localization. Join translation of Bookly and help us become closer and speak with you in your native language. Read more here.



Payment Options

Coupons add-on – a deduction in absolute numbers or a percentage of appointment's price.



Individual Staff-Specific Pricing


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  • Avatar

    when will you add new payment gateway(for india) and invoices ladela ? I am begging you. i am not able to use this plugin without these features

  • Avatar
    Contessa Williams

    The deposit addon doesn't work properly and does not require deposits in booking workflow. Please see refer to the ticket I opened earlier today. Thanks

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Contessa, please send us an email to with this inquiry and the purchase code so we could look into this matter.

  • Avatar
    Kevin Aigbedion

    The Deposit Add-On Doesn't work.
    "It says The plugin has been deactivated.
    Bookly v13.0 is required. "

    Even though I am using Bookly 13.1. Need Help!

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Kevin, that's strange, could you please send us an email with this inquiry and the purchase codes to look into this matter.

  • Avatar
    Kevin Aigbedion

    I sent an email twice and havent gotten responded to. [] is my email

    Thanks! i need help asap!

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Kevin, we got your mail. We'll look into this matter and get back to you.

  • Avatar

    Are there short codes for the deposit add-on? I am looking for the deposit amount so I can add that to the payment screen instead it shows the total amount.

    ... Never mind I figured it out. I used the {amount_to_pay} short code.

    Edited by chkopo
  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Chris, besides that code you can also use this one - {amount_due}.

  • Avatar

    I purchased downloaded then tried to install on my client's site but it fails to install.

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Jeremy, please send us an email to with this inquiry and your purchase codes.

  • Avatar

    Demo failed: Scenario:
    As the business owner I offer two(2)payment options 1. Local Payment & PayPal.
    I keep getting no shows so I introduce a Deposit x% for those wishing to pay locally.
    In the demo $80 is the deposit but the system allowed me to complete without: Why is this the case...?
    I'll email you

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Cyphas,
    The customers that choose to pay locally option are not required to pay a deposit. The current deposit logic works as follows:

    The customer will be required to pay a portion (or full amount) of the service price during the checkout and the rest will be paid on-site.

    If you do not want your customers to be able to complete the checkout without paying the deposit, you need to disable the 'Pay locally' option and set the needed payment methods. You can choose what payments you want to display in settings -> payments.

  • Avatar
    Wan Fathurrahman

    My client want to have 2 types of payment. They want to have function to Pay Now & Pay Later. Let say if the customer choose to Pay Now then customer will pay full price. If they choose Pay Later, customer need to add $5 from the total to complete payment.

    Can we make it? Or can you suggest any developer who can make this happen?

    thanks in advanced!

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Wan, this option is supported. It can be enabled in settings -> deposit payments -> deposit options -> deposit or full price - and customers will have two payment options.

  • Avatar

    I want to comment on Cypher's comment (may2018) and the support team's response, because I am affected by that as well.

    I've read some other comments from user "Cypher" and I like that he is very critical of missing feature or things that are not logical or usable"
    BUT he is also very fair in my opinion because he gives the Support team the opportunity to simply fix things or consider updates later.
    After all we are the users who use Bookly under often very different work conditions and there is no "one size fits all solution."
    (just wanted to mention that)

    MY PROBLEM: is exactly the same as Cypher described.
    I wish there was an option, that could be fixed at least in coordination with the customer groups plugin maybe, Let me explain:

    I would like to have first time customers pay the full amount (prefered)
    but at least the minimum amount of my cancellation fee of $19.95)

    My returning customers should be allowed to pay deposit only, rest later OR pay upfront in full, but with a discount.
    But no discount for first timer who only pays deposit and decides to "pay locally" makes no sense at all right?

    Unfortunately I also checked out the demo for customer groups but there seems to be no way of configuring it the way I need it.
    Otherwise I would already have purchased it.

    I wish I could charge at least the deposit to all, while still offering returning customers the opportunity tp pay remaining balance later and full amount at a discounted price.

    I definetely don't want my calendar being messed up by funny people who book 100's of appointments because they can get away without having to make a deposit.

  • Avatar

    I forgot to mention: After a few back and forth mails with the support team, all I can tell those who are considering to purchase, but are not sure yet, that i am very very happy with the support, because they listen!

    It may have some faults still, depending on how exactly you're planning to use Bookly, for most of us it should be just perfect.
    Email Support usually takes 2-3 days BUT they always came up with a solution so far.

    I am impressed and happy

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi, thanks for the positive feedback! You could create a feature request of our Feature requests forum:

    The forum is where we track requests for new capabilities, and our product development depends directly on the number of votes each request receives.

  • Avatar

    Do deposits also work on Extras add-on?

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Arnas, the set deposits will work on the total price, that may include also extras.

  • Avatar
    Jenny Monro

    Does this add on work when using WooCommerce addon for the payments?

  • Avatar
    Marc Croteau

    It's great that each service's deposit amount can be set manually - but the fact that it MUST be done this way is a pain in the butt. There really should be the ability to set a deposit amount (either fixed or percentage) globally.

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