Extra Products & Treatments (Service Extras Add-on)


All add-ons for Bookly require Bookly PRO installed and activated.

The Service Extras (Add-on) allows you to offer extra services, goods, or options to tweak the service (e.g., with more special and/or more expensive tools). You can purchase it here.

An extra purchased by a customer may affect the price and the length of the appointment but cannot be provided separately from the main appointment booked by the customer.

Bookly booking form – Extras step

User Experience

The user experience of the booking will mostly stay the same, as the focus of the booking is still on the main appointment. A new step will be added to the booking process, though: a new step #2.

Right after a customer has selected a necessary service, they will be offered to choose additional extras if available. Only after choosing (or not) extras, they will be asked to pick a time slot for the appointment.

Bookly booking form – extras details on the Cart step

This screenshot displays the booking form with Bookly Cart (Add-on) installed and activated


1. Purchase the Bookly Service Extras (Add-on). Download, install and activate it as a new plugin.

2. In the Appearance section > Step by step form, make sure that the box next to the Show Extras step is checked.

3. In Services, open each of the services you'd like to add extras to (click Edit > Extras tab), upload a simple image for each extra item, determine their prices, min and max quantity that one customer can book, and, if necessary, duration. 

Services section in Bookly – Extras tab

To make an extra mandatory, set the minimum quantity to at least 1.

4. You can choose when the Extras step is displayed in your front-end booking form. Go to Settings > Service Extras > After Service step or After Time step.

Settings in Bookly PRO

5. Configure the appearance of the Extras step according to your requirements.

Go to Appearance > Step by step form > 2. Extras tab and use the checkboxes to choose which elements should be viewable on this step.

Appearance section in Bookly PRO

For booked appointments, all extras a customer has booked along with the main service will be shown in the appointments list and in the appointment edit window #2 (the one you open by clicking on the user name).

Appointments sectoin in Bookly PRO

Appointment details in Bookly PRO

Information about booked extras is also viewable in the payment details.

Payments section in Bookly PRO

If you use the Bookly Cart (Add-on), you can enable/disable the option of displaying booked extras in a Cart in Appearance > Step by step form > Cart step > Show extras.

Use {extras} and {extras_total_price} variables to personalize your notifications and booking form.

If you wish to display info about booked extras in your booking form only in case if there are any, use the if structure at the Details step.

You selected to book {service_name} by {staff_name} at {service_time} on {service_date}.
{#if extras} Additional items: {extras} {/if}
The total price of your booking is {total_price}.
Please provide your details in the form below to proceed with the booking.


For more information about Bookly booking form appearance, visit this page.

Service Extras with Group Bookings

If you use Group Booking (Add-on), you’ll see an additional setting for the quantity of extra items for group bookings in Bookly menu > Settings > Service Extras. Enable it if you want to multiply extras by number of persons. 

Get your add-on here.

Try this demo (both front-end and backend versions) to get a better understanding of how Service Extras (Add-on) works.

This video tutorial will show you how to create and add extra items to your services in Bookly.




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