Automatic Invoicing (Invoices Add-on)


All add-ons for Bookly require Bookly PRO installed and activated.

Bookly Invoices (Add-on) allows you to generate detailed invoices for provided services and send them automatically when appointments are booked, approved, or received.

You can create and send customizable invoices to your clients by email or include links in your SMS notifications. In addition, all sent invoices are available for viewing, filtering, and downloading in PDF format in Bookly Payments reports.


1. Purchase, download, install, and activate the Bookly Invoices (Add-on) in Plugins.

2. Go to Settings > Invoices. In the Invoice due days field, specify the number of days within which payment is expected.


Customize your invoice template

The appearance of your invoice can be customized to align with your brand style and reflect your business identity.

Choose Font: In the Font field, you have the option to select the font that will be used for your invoice template.

Set File Name Prefix: In the Invoice file name prefix field, you can specify a prefix for the file name of your documents. For example, if you set the prefix as "myfile_", the downloaded PDF files will be named with this prefix followed by a unique identifier (e.g., "myfile_1.pdf").

Upload Images: In the Invoice template, you can upload images for the document header and footer. These images can be your business logo or any other branding elements you want to include.

Modify Text: You can also change the wording of each underlined text in the invoice template.

To ensure manual adjustments are displayed on the invoice, enable the Show manual adjustments option.

Click Preview to confirm your changes appear as expected.

Click Save to save changes.

Bookly Settings – Invoices

Edit invoice template in Bookly

Invoice generation

Invoices are automatically generated based on appointment and payment details whenever clients book appointments through the front-end booking form. These invoices are then attached to the selected notifications as PDF documents.

You can choose when to send a payment request to the customer:

  • at the moment a new booking is made (type – new booking notification);
  • when the status of the booking has been changed (for example, from 'pending' to 'approved').
  • after the appointment in a follow-up message to the customer (type – appointment reminder).

To configure this, navigate to the Email Notifications section and enable the option to attach the invoice in the relevant notification template(s).

Email notifications section in Bookly – Attach invoice

Additionally, you can include an invoice link in your SMS notifications. Go to the SMS Notifications section and insert the {invoice_link} code into your text message template(s).

When scheduling an appointment via the admin panel, ensure to attach the payment and choose to send notifications so that the invoice is attached to the confirmation email.

New appointment window in Bookly admin panel

View and download invoices in Payment reports

You can view invoices history in the Payments section.

Click on the Invoice button next to the payment entry to download the corresponding invoice as a PDF document. You can manually resend the invoice to the customer if needed.

Click the Download invoices button to download a zip file containing all selected invoices.


You can add a Download invoice button to the last step of your Step by step booking form. Go to Appearance > Done tab and select Show 'Download invoice' button. Save the changes.

Appearance section in Bookly

Try this demo to get a better understanding of how the Invoices (Add-on) works.



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