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Booking Form Look & Feel

Customize just about anything in the way the front-end booking form looks.


Use the color picker to make the booking form fit right into your site and branding.


Click on any text that’s underlined and change the wording in the pop-up window.

Add personalized texts in the text fields which have a list of shortcodes at the bottom of the text-edit pop-up window. See the full list of codes here (you’ll notice that not all codes are available for all text fields).

More drastic changes, like removal of unnecessary booking steps and/or fields, can be done when adding the form to the site.


See this video tutorial to get a better understanding of how to set up your booking form appearance in Bookly.

Watch this video to discover the main Bookly settings and features.



Basic Setup



General Settings

Publish Booking Form on One or Several Pages of One Website.


Don't have a copy of the plugin yet? Learn how to install it.

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  • Avatar

    Please , how can I remove field phone number on step 4 "Detail"
    I beed only Name and email from customer.

  • Avatar
    donato stigliano

    Hello, can I change the look of the page through css ??
    I need to add pictures depending on the selection from the drop-down menu
    thank you

  • Avatar

    Hi, you can make changes to the look of the booking form by using CSS (Bookly=>Appearance=>Custom CSS), though regarding the conditional pictures you will probably need also to make changes in the Bookly's PHP and JS code.

  • Avatar
    David Chiu

    How do I know the CSS selector, for example, I want to change the font size of the text during the step by step process, how can I change the text size,

    I try body selector for example, it change the text in the Nav menu.

  • Avatar

    Hi David, send an email to and our tech department can give some advise regarding this matter.

  • Avatar
    Ariel Muñoz Prado

    How can add / expand the attention or service hours (default 08:00 am to 6:00 pm) where is this setup configuration? thanks.

  • Avatar

    Hi Ariel, the duration of the service can be changed in the services menu. Its availability will depend on the staff member's schedule, which can be adjusted in the staff members menu.

    Edited by Alex
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