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Staff members in Bookly are your team members that work directly with your clients to provide the services.

The plugin cannot function without at least one default staff account created.

Your team members can have access to their individual calendars in Bookly via their WordPress accounts (see below).


Create and edit staff members in your WordPress Bookly dashboard > Staff Members.


Properties of Staff Members

  • Full Name - visible to clients at the time of booking.
  • Services - choose all if they can provide all kinds of appointments, or link them to just a few.
    Override default service price and capacity for specific staff members.
  • Email, Phone, and Info - add this info to booking form or client notifications.
    The email will also be used for staff notifications.
  • Schedule & Days Off - by default, everybody has the same schedule as the whole company. Each staff member can have their individual working days, hours, and breaks, as well as holidays.



Basic Setup:

Critical Settings


Booking Form Appearance

Publish Booking Form on One or Several Pages of One Website.



Google Calendar sync - to add new appointments to each staff member's Google Calendar, and block busy events in Google Calendar from being booked as Bookly appointments.

WordPress user access - lets staff view a stripped-down version of the company's Wordpress calendar with that staff member's appointments only. Also, lets them edit their personal info.

Notifications and reminders via email and text messages can be sent to staff, too.

Locations Add-On - if you have several offices/shops, where you provide services.


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