Customize Notifications

When you've set up email and/or SMS notifications, follow the intuitive interface to create and configure your personalized messages.

Enabling notification type

1. Go to Email/SMS Notifications in Bookly menu.

2. Select the type of notification you’d like to activate and click enable-btn.png. You can also create a new one by clicking on new-notification-btn.png button.

3. Click edit-notification-btn.png button to configure the settings.

Name – enter the name of the notification.

State – if you want to send the selected notification, choose Enabled. If you'd prefer to prevent the selected notification from being sent out, choose Disabled.

Type – a type of event at which the notification is sent. You can choose from Instant notifications and Scheduled notifications. Select the notification type from the drop-down menu and configure the logic for sending emails/text messages.


Services – select specific service(s) you'd like this notification to send for.

Tick the box(es) to define recipients: client, staff, administrators, or enter multiple custom email addresses.


Email/SMS information configuration

Enter the subject of the email/text message or write completely new text in each field.

For the body of the email, use the personalization codes to have the client's name, appointment details, or all kinds of other info included in the text. Start typing "{" to see available codes.


The if block can be used for conditional cases. If it is included in your content template, Bookly will check the condition and generate the content accordingly. If the condition is met, a particular text will be inserted and displayed in the email notification.

Example (Notification to staff member about approved appointment):

You have a new booking.

Service: {service_name}
Date: {appointment_date}
Time: {appointment_time}
Client name: {client_name}
Client phone: {client_phone}
Client email: {client_email}
{#if client_address} Client address: {client_address}{/if}


Combined notifications

If you use add-ons that allow your clients to book multiple appointments in one session, you can use New booking combined notification template to send a single Email/SMS Notification for all bookings made in one session, rather than a separate notification for every appointment booked.

To display separate information for each item in your email body you can iterate over those appointments by using the each block:

{#each appointments as appointment}



YOUR CONTENT may include any text and codes and will be repeated for each appointment in the list. Within the each block there are special codes for displaying information about the current appointment. These codes start with 'appointment.', e.g. {appointment.service_name} or {}.

This example demonstrates how multiple bookings details can be listed in order in your email template:

Dear {client_name}.

This is a confirmation that you have booked the following items:

{#each appointments as appointment}
{appointment.service_name} by {appointment.staff_name} at {appointment.appointment_time} on {appointment.appointment_date}

Thank you for choosing our company.


Test email notifications

Test all emails that you’ve enabled by clicking on the test-email-notifications-btn.png button at the bottom of the page.

To send scheduled notifications, execute the following command hourly with your cron:

wget -q -O – http://[your-domain]/wp-cron.php

Please contact your hosting provider for assistance with setting up this scheduled script execution. We recommend that you set the time to 8:00 PM for a reminder to customers and for around the end of working day for your staff.




Overview of Notifications – see how you can schedule emails and what you can set as triggers for automated and personalized emails.

Personalization Codes – messages can include real appointment data among other types of personalized info.


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