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Customize Notifications

When you’ve laid the ground for notifications, follow the intuitive interface to create your email or text message notifications: 

1. Check the type of notification that you’d like to enable and click on the little arrow right beside the appointment type;

2. Adapt the subject and body of the email / text message or write completely new text in each field;

3. For the body of the email, use the personalization codes to have the client’s name, appointment details, or all kinds of other info included in the text. 
You can choose to send the admin a copy of each email that’s sent out to your clients or staff via the “send copy to admin” field for each type of notification. As there are no other notifications that will be sent to admin other than those you build here, make sure you’ve checked this field for just the right emails;

4. For scheduled notifications, choose the time when you want the notifications to be sent;

5. Test all emails that you’ve enabled by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page, or just click “Save”;

6. For scheduled emails, you’ll also need to set scheduled execution of a shell script located at:
Please contact your hosting provider for assistance with setting up this scheduled script execution. We recommend that you set the time to 8:00 PM for a reminder to customers and for around the end of working day for your staff.

7. You can also create your own templates for Email and SMS notifications. 



Overview of Notifications - see how you can schedule emails and what you can set as triggers for automated and personalized emails.

Personalization Codes - messages can include real appointment data among other types of personalized info.



Customer List - learn how client info gets stored in Bookly.

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  • Avatar

    Is there a way to include a progressive ticket number so that the customer will be able to mention it in the future if needed?
    This would simplify the process of checking the previously supplied services: you tell me the number and I can search the database for it instead of using customer name/date/custom fields or whatsoever

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Yes, you can use the {booking_number} code for this need, it will return the appointment ID to sent email notifications.

  • Avatar
    Mio Ishizaki

    What are the codes for the number of the clients and names of clients for next day when we want to send a reminder to staff the day before?

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Mio, you need to use the {next_day_agenda} code for the "Evening notification with the next day agenda to staff member" notification, and it will the customers' names, though the number of persons won't be returned.

  • Avatar

    if i make a change to a reccuring appointment my staff only get the notification from that particular appointment that i changed and not from the whole booking.. How do i change this?

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