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Set Up Text Messages (SMS)

Text messages can be triggered by events within the plugin or scheduled to be sent out to clients and staff (see more). 

Text messages will incur additional charges, which vary depending on the country of the sender.


1. In Bookly menu > SMS Notifications, click on "Register" in the login form on the left side of the page.

2. Top up your balance by one of the standard $10, $25, $50, or $100 amounts (transaction processed by PayPal). 

You may want to make sure you never run out of balance and your messages don’t get blocked. To do that, make sure you've enabled the auto-recharge setting. When enabled, it will charge you the amount that you choose each time your balance falls below $10.

If you’d like to control your payments manually, you can always rely on the notifications the admin will be getting when your balance falls below $5.
(if you plan on using scheduled notifications) Choose what time scheduled notifications will be sent out under each type of notification you're building.

Upon each balance replenishment, Bookly can automatically send an invoice to your PayPal email address.

Check the Send invoice box, set it up by filling out the necessary details and click Save.


3. To send scheduled notifications please execute the following command hourly with your cron:

wget -q -O - http://[your-domain]/wp-cron.php

We advise that you contact your hosting provider for assistance with setting it up. Also, pick the right hour for the notifications that will work best with your audience. We recommend a default of 8 pm for customers and around 1h or 30 min before clock off for staff members.

4. Choose notification types and build your messages using tags: tick a checkbox, and an editor field will open. Write the copy, format it as you like, and add personalized data using shortcodes that you’ll see just below the text edit window.



Text messages (SMS) can have as many symbols as you wish. If the texts of your notifications exceed the limit, the messages won’t be cut in two, but you will be charged twice as much. That’s why you may want to optimize the cost by cutting down on the number of symbols in your text message notifications.

Latin characters – 160 symbols fit in one message,

Any other characters (Cyrillic, Arabic, etc.) – 80 symbols fit in one message.

You can use this Online SMS Length Calculator to check the length of your message.



Overview of Notifications - see how you can schedule emails and what you can set as triggers for automated and personalized emails.

Text Message Rates

Personalization Codes - messages can include real appointment data among other types of personalized info.

Set Up Emails



WPML Integration - lets you translate messages into 40+ languages.

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  • Avatar
    Serega Handubei

    Hello, after setting up cron on the server, the sms stops working. Even in the settings section, sending a test SMS also does not work. Money is in the account and everything was fine. What could be the problem?

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Serega, could you please send us an email to with this inquiry and your purchase code to look into this matter.

  • Avatar
    Andre Hoe

    Hello Support Team, is there an easy way to give the customer the opportunity to choose in the "Details" step, if they would like to receive text messages (SMS)? And is it somehow possible to disable textmessages by default, if the customer is using a landline number (no smartphone). Maybe by filtering special area codes in the phone number?
    Is it possible that the developer of my client get support in this topics?

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Andre, currently, these features are not supported, you will need to customize the plugin for this need.

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