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Notifications: Overview

Notifications to customers and to staff can be triggered by an event or scheduled to be sent a certain amount of time before or after the appointment.

Each type of notification can be sent via email and/or via text messages. Emailing is already included in the price of the plugin, but the text messages will incur additional costs, which will vary depending on the country.


Notifications to Customer - Triggered by an Event

  1. New approved appointment - email/text message sent right after the user has completed the booking process and an appointment has been (automatically) approved.
  2. New pending appointment - if you’ve enabled this feature, new appointments will be created in "pending" status, which means that each of them will have to be manually approved by the admin or staff member before being confirmed to the client. And this is the email that will be sent out when a new appointment has been created, but it’s still pending. Set up notification type #1 to let your clients know when you’ve approved the appointment.
  3. Appointment cancelled (by admin or customer) - email/text message sent right after an appointment’s status has been changed to "cancelled" in the admin area or by the customer who clicked on "cancel appointment" link in their "new appointment" email. Read more on helping clients manage their appointments here.
  4. New Wordpress account details - if you want to let customers access their bookings online, you’ll have to automatically create Wordpress accounts for them. There will be some more set-up to make it happen, but this is the email that will be automatically sending your clients their new Wordpress login and password.  


Notification types 1 & 2 can also be used as combined notifications if you’re using the built-in Cart bookings feature (book several appointments in one session):

  1. Enable Cart and Combined Notifications in Bookly Settings > Cart
  2. When choosing type of notification, go to “Combined” tab (invisible until you do step a.).


Notifications to Customer - Scheduled

One day before the appointment,
The day of the appointment.

Both will be sent out at the same time to all clients who have an appointment on the next day / the day of sending the message. You can set the time you want each of these two types of appointments to be sent.


Notifications to Staff - Triggered by an Event

New approved appointment or New pending appointment - send either of these to individual members of your staff when they’ve got a new appointment.
Choose the “New approved appointment” if all new appointments are automatically approved (by default),
or the “New pending appointment” if you’ve enabled the manual approvals feature and you want individual staff members that have been assigned to each appointment to review it before it’s confirmed to the customer. This email can contain a link that will automatically change the status of an appointment to “approved” (and trigger notification #1).


Notifications to Staff - Scheduled

Next day agenda - a copy of next-day appointments with info on clients and appointment details; can be sent out every day at a time that you set up for all staff.




Email Set-Up - general settings required to enable any of the email types.

Text Message (SMS) Set-Up - set up your Bookly SMS account needed to send out text messages.

Text Message Rates - choose which country you want to send out your text messages from.



Online Access to Bookings - clients can review and cancel bookings online, too.

Staff Access to WP Dashboard - let staff into a stripped down version of admin area with their calendar.

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