Notifications: Overview

Notifications to both customers and staff members can be triggered by an event or scheduled to be sent a certain amount of time before or after the appointment.

Bookly allows you to send various types of notifications through email, SMS, voice, and/or WhatsApp messages. The email notification feature is included in the price of the plugin. However, if you opt for SMS, voice, or WhatsApp notifications, additional charges may apply based on your chosen subscription plan and geographical location.

Upon successful installation and activation of Bookly, a pre-installed set of notification templates will be available for your use. You can modify or delete these templates, and you can also create and configure personalized notifications tailored to specific services.

Table settings

In the Email Notifications section, click on the eye icon located in the upper right corner of the page to select the columns you wish to include in the Notifications table. You can rearrange the columns using the drag-and-drop option to suit your preferences.

Email notifications section in Bookly

Notifications to Customer – Triggered by an Event

1. Notification to customer about approved appointment: Sent via email or text message immediately after the user completes the booking process, and the appointment is automatically approved.

2. Notification to customer about pending appointment: If the pending appointment feature is enabled, new appointments are created in "pending" status. This email is sent when a new appointment is created but is still pending. It informs clients that the appointment needs manual approval, and you can set up notification type #1 to notify clients when the appointment is approved.

3. Notification to customer about cancelled appointment (by admin or customer): Sent via email or text message immediately after the appointment's status is changed to "cancelled" either by the admin or the customer using the "cancel appointment" link in their "new appointment" email. Read more on helping clients manage their appointments here.

4. New WordPress account details: If you want customers to access their bookings online, this email automatically sends clients their new WordPress login and password after creating WordPress accounts for them.

If your clients misprinted their email address during the Details step of the booking process, they won't receive automated booking confirmation emails. To manage undelivered emails, please check your sender's mailbox for 'delivery failed' messages.

Notifications to Customer – Scheduled

You can configure the timing of notifications which are sent to all clients before the upcoming appointment and/or on the day of the appointment. Enable or disable each type of reminder and specify the time for sending.

To send scheduled notifications, it is essential to configure CRON. Detailed instructions can be found here.

Email notifications section in Bookly

Email notifications section in Bookly

Notifications to Staff – Triggered by an Event

Notification to staff member about approved appointment: Choose this option if all new appointments are automatically approved. Staff members will receive this notification when a new appointment is approved.

Notification to staff member about pending appointment: Choose this option if you've enabled the manual approvals feature. This notification is sent when a new appointment is created in "pending" status, and staff members can review and confirm it before it's confirmed to the customer. The email may contain a link that allows staff members to automatically change the status of an appointment to "approved" and trigger the first notification.

Notifications to Staff – Scheduled

Next day agenda: This notification includes a copy of the next-day appointments along with information on clients and appointment details. You can schedule this notification to be sent out every day at a specific time that you configure for all staff members.



Email Setup – general settings required to enable any of the email types.

Text Message (SMS) Setup – set up your Bookly SMS account needed to send out text messages.


Online Access to Bookings – clients can review and cancel bookings online, too.

Staff Access to WP Dashboard – let staff into a stripped down version of admin area with their calendar.

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