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Pending Appointments

Use the pending appointments feature to manually confirm all new appointments created via the booking form by customers.

By default, all new appointments are immediately approved (confirmed) to customers (you can still cancel and even delete approved appointments of course).


Customer Experience

With the pending appointments feature enabled, your clients will receive two rounds of notifications after placing their booking:

Right after the booking, informing them that the shop has received their request and will be in touch to confirm the booked appointment.

Slightly later, when you approve the booking from your Bookly dashboard, informing them of the confirmed booking.

If you use online payment, the customer will still have been charged at the time of booking, but you can always use the paid amount as a deposit for future appointments or manually transfer the money back.


Setup and Use

1. Enable the feature in Bookly Settings > General.

2. In that same section, choose whether the appointments that you don’t approve will be cancelled or deleted entirely from your log (default).

3. Update wording in the last step of the booking process (by default, it says the new appointment is confirmed) informing the customer that the appointment is still to be reviewed by the admin of the business and that the customer will receive a notification as soon as that happens.

4. Set up email and/or text message notifications for both stages of the booking process:
a) pending appointment created
b) appointment approved.


Let Staff Approve Their Appointments

Automatic emails about new pending appointments can be sent to the relevant staff member and include a link which will automatically confirm or cancel an appointment when the recipient clicks on one of the two links in the email (you'll find the shortcodes right below the email editing window in Email Notifications).



Notifications - learn all about triggered and scheduled emails and text messages, to both clients and staff.

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    Tim Cox

    "In that same section, choose whether the appointments that you don’t approve will be cancelled or deleted entirely from your log (default)."
    Where? These numbered points are pretty vague. Where are these settings found? Do they even exist in the most up to date version?

    I would recommend appointments be pending by default (and NOT deleted by default!), the admin notified of pending appointments and prompted to approve; the customer then notified when approved.

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    Hi Tim, in settings -> general tab you can set the default status of the created appointment: approved or pending. By default, it's set for the approved status.

    If you use the cancellation links in the email notifications, you'll need to adjust this setting: cancel appointment action (settings -> customers). Here you can select what happens when customer clicks cancel appointment link. With "Delete" the appointment will be deleted from the calendar. With "Cancel" only appointment status will be changed to "Cancelled".

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