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Access to WP Dashboard for Staff

Wordpress accounts tied to your site will give staff access to the company's dashboard (stripped-down version of).



  1. Create Wordpress accounts for staff in Wordpress dashboard (general section, not Bookly) > Users.
  2. Choose role (level of access) for each new account:
    1. Subscriber - doesn't see actual data values in any of the dashboard sections.
    2. Contributor, Author, or Editor - can only view and edit appointments in calendar and list that belong to the staff member associated with that Wordpress user. Can also edit their own personal info as staff member.
    3. Admin - full access.
  3. In the Bookly section of dashboard > Staff Members > [a staff member], pick the Wordpress user from the "User" dropdown menu.



Notifications - let staff know about incoming appointments and let them approve/cancel them right from the email.

Google Calendar sync - automatically add new appointments to Google Calendar; keep busy periods from being booked as appointments.

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