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Access to WP Dashboard for Staff

WordPress accounts tied to your site will give staff access to the company's dashboard (stripped-down version of).



1. Create WordPress accounts for staff in WordPress dashboard (general section, not Bookly) > Users.

2. Choose role (level of access) for each new account:

  • Subscriber - doesn't see actual data values in any of the dashboard sections;
  • Contributor, Author, or Editor - can only view and edit appointments in calendar and list that belong to the staff member associated with that WordPress user. Can also edit their own personal info as a staff member;
  • Admin - full access.

3. In the Bookly menu > Staff Members > [a staff member], pick the WordPress user from the "User" drop-down menu.


Watch this video to discover the main Bookly settings and features.



Notifications - let staff know about incoming appointments and let them approve/cancel them right from the email.

Google Calendar sync - automatically add new appointments to Google Calendar; keep busy periods from being booked as appointments.

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    What is the best way to give staff acess to their calendars? Do they log onto the wordpress admin with their user account?

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    Hi Kim, I advise that the associated WordPress user accounts should have the "editor" role. They can log in in the back-end to see their calendar and profile.

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