Re-Direct Links

Bookly can redirect users to a landing page you create at specific points in the user process:

  • After the booking form is completed and an appointment is booked.
  • When an appointment is approved or rejected by staff.
  • Upon successful cancellation of an appointment, either from a link in an email or from the bookings list online.
  • When appointment cancellation is denied because the appointment edit window expired.

To set the URLs for these landing pages, follow these steps:

  1. Create a landing page in any system.
  2. Obtain the URL for the landing page.
  3. Navigate to Settings > URL Settings in the Bookly plugin.
  4. Set the URLs for the corresponding points in the user process.

Approve appointment URL (success) – a page is displayed to a staff member after they approve a pending appointment by clicking on the {approve_appointment_url} link in an email notification. This page typically contains a confirmation message, such as "Thank you, this appointment has been confirmed!".

You can customize or create the content of this page to suit your needs.

Approve appointment URL (denied) – a page displayed to staff members when an appointment cannot be approved. An example message could be: "We regret to inform you that this appointment cannot be approved for the selected date and time. Please use the link below to reschedule."

Cancel appointment URL (success) – this page appears upon successful cancellation of an appointment.

Cancel appointment URL (denied) – this page appears when the cancellation of an appointment is no longer available.

Appointment cancellation confirmation URL – this page is where you place the [bookly-cancellation-confirmation] shortcode. Clients are redirected to this page when they click the cancellation link {cancel_appointment_confirm_url} from their email.

Reject appointment URL (success) – this page appears when the appointment is successfully rejected after staff click the {reject_appointment_url} link from the email.

Reject appointment URL (denied) – this page appears when the rejection of the appointment using the {reject_appointment_url} link cannot be processed.

​​Final Step URL – this page appears after a successful booking instead of the Done step. You can configure a common final step for all services or customize it for each service according to your preferences or requirements.


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