Facebook Login

Facebook Login enables your customers to authorize on your website with their Facebook credentials. If the client chooses to log in with Facebook, form fields for their Name (or first and last name) at the Details step in a booking form will be filled automatically.


Authorization through Facebook is made using the Facebook App that you need to create and configure in your Facebook account first.

Setup and configuration

1. Follow the steps at https://developers.facebook.com/docs/apps/register to create a Developer Account, register and configure your Facebook App. Then you’ll need to submit your app for review. Learn more about the review process and what's required to pass review in the Login Review Guide.

2. Below the App Details Panel click Add Platform button, select Website and enter your website URL.

3. Go to your App Dashboard. In the left side navigation panel of the App Dashboard, click Settings > Basic to view the App Details Panel with your App ID.

4. Go to Bookly menu > Settings > Facebook and enter your App ID in the form.

5. Go to Bookly menu > Appearance > Details tab. Check the box Show Facebook login button.


6. You’ll see a new Facebook column in the Customers tab (for non-widescreen monitors press +) with clickable Facebook icon which leads to the user's profile.




Customer Information (Add-on) – collect and store additional info about your clients.

Customer Groups (Add-on) – organize your customers into specific groups.


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