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Customer Groups Add-on

With this add-on, you can create and manage Customer Groups for different administration purposes. Arrange your customer list by type for advanced sorting, offering promotions to certain clients, or setting particular limitations.

Get the Customer Groups Add-on here.

You can determine shared settings for each customer group and sort customers into different categories based on their loyalty, the frequency of appointments, provided information, interests, etc.


  • Share similar settings between several customers
  • Offer promotions to particular clients
  • Set the service visibility based on a customer group
  • Create as many groups as needed

 Setup and configuration

1. Purchase, download and activate add-on in Plugins.

2. Go to Bookly menu > Settings > Customer Groups and enable the customer groups.

3. To create a new customer group, click on New Group in Bookly menu > Customer Groups. Fill out the details.


4. Click Edit button to edit the group details.


5. To assign a customer to a group, go to Bookly menu > Customers, click Edit, and select a group from the drop-down menu.


6. If needed, set the service visibility based on a group a customer belongs to, in Services > Visibility.



* By default, all new customers and unauthorized users have no group.


Try this demo to get a better understanding of how the Customer Groups add-on works.


Customer Groups add-on is available for purchase here.



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