Customer Groups Add-on


All add-ons for Bookly require Bookly PRO installed and activated.

With the Customer Groups (Add-on), you can create and manage customer groups for various administrative purposes. Organize your customer list by type to facilitate advanced sorting, offer promotions to specific clients, or impose particular limitations.

You can establish shared settings for each customer group and categorize customers into different segments based on factors such as loyalty, appointment frequency, provided information, interests, and more.


    • Share similar settings among multiple customers
    • Offer promotions to specific clients
    • Adjust service visibility based on customer group
    • Configure available payment methods for each customer group
    • Create as many groups as necessary


Setup and configuration

1. Purchase, download, install and activate Bookly Customer Groups (Add-on) in Plugins.

2. To create a new customer group, navigate to the Customer Groups section and click on New group.

Fill out the required details for the group.

Customer Groups section in Bookly

Please note that in the Default appointment status field, you can select from all existing statuses, including custom statuses created with the Bookly Custom Statuses (Add-on).

If you tick the Skip payment step checkbox, the Payment step will be hidden for customers included in this group. To customize the text displayed at the last step of your booking form in case payment has been skipped, navigate to Appearance > Done tab, and click on the underlined text to edit it.

Appearance section in Bookly

You can also choose Custom under Available payment methods if you want to specify a particular payment method for a group.

3. Click the Edit button to modify the group details.

Customer Groups section in Bookly

4. To assign a customer to a group, navigate to the Customers section, click Edit for the respective customer, and select the desired group from the drop-down menu.

Edit customer in Bookly

5. If necessary, you can set the service visibility based on the group a customer belongs to. Navigate to Services > Edit > Visibility. With these settings, the service will be visible only to customers from the selected group.

Please note that this feature functions only for users who are authorized in WordPress.

Services section in Bookly

Note that the application of group discounts and default appointment statuses depends on the details that the customer entered in the booking form.

Customers without group

Customers without a group are automatically assigned default settings, which can be configured in the General settings. These settings apply to both new customers and non-logged-in WordPress users.

Customer Groups section in Bookly

Try this demo to get a better understanding of how the Customer Groups (Add-on) works.



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