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All add-ons for Bookly require Bookly PRO installed and activated.

Bookly Customer Cabinet (Add-on) provides website owners with the tools to comply with GDPR requirements while enhancing customer experience. It allows customers to access, manage, and delete their personal details and appointment history directly from their user account on your website.

Bookly Customer Cabinet – Appointments


    • Manage Personal Details: Customers can view, update, and delete their personal information stored on your website, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR.
    • Appointment Management: Customers have access to their past and upcoming appointments, allowing them to review appointment details such as date, time, employee, status, and price.
    • Reschedule or Cancel Appointments: Customers can conveniently reschedule or cancel their bookings directly from their user account, streamlining the appointment management process.

Bookly Customer Cabinet – Profile

Setup and configuration

1. Purchase, download, install and activate Bookly Customer Cabinet (Add-on) in Plugins.

2. Navigate to the WP Dashboard > Pages. Create a new page or select an existing one where you want to add the Customer Cabinet.

3. Click on the Add Customer Cabinet button.

Create page with Customer Cabinet in WP Dashboard

If you're using the Gutenberg editor, click the + icon to add a new block. Search for "Bookly – Customer Cabinet" and select it to insert the shortcode into your page.

Create page with Customer Cabinet in WP Dashboard – Gutenberg editor

4. You'll see customization options for configuring the appearance and functionality of the Customer Cabinet.

Adjust the tabs and columns according to your preferences by selecting or deselecting the options provided.

Add Customer Cabinet – options

Add Customer Cabinet – options

In the Gutenberg editor, you can find the settings for the Customer Cabinet on the right.

Add Customer Cabinet – options in Gutenberg editor

If you include the cancellation reason input box in the [bookly-customer-cabinet] shortcode, customers can specify their reason when canceling an appointment via their personal user account. This information can then be included in email or SMS notifications using the {cancellation_reason} placeholder.


Your customers can access their Customer Cabinet using their WordPress credentials. Ensure that you have enabled Create WordPress user account for customers in Settings Customers, and configure the New customer's WordPress user login details notification template accordingly. For more information, refer to this guide.

The Customer Cabinet works exclusively for customers with associated WordPress user accounts. Verify in the Customers section whether a WordPress user account is linked to each customer (check the User column).

Watch this video tutorial to understand how to provide online access to bookings for your clients using the Bookly Customer Cabinet (Add-on).

Explore the free live demo to see the Customer Cabinet (Add-on) in action.



Customer Information (Add-on) – use custom fields to add extra info to client's profile.

Staff Cabinet (Add-on) – let your staff members manage their profile settings and bookings on the front-end.

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