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Customer Cabinet Add-on

Bookly Customer Cabinet Add-on allows the website owners to comply with the GDPR requirements by providing customers with a possibility to access, manage and delete their personal details and appointments list in a user account.

Let your customers easily rebook appointments and update profile info themselves in a personal user account.

With Bookly Customer Cabinet Add-on your clients can manage their personal details and upcoming appointments right on your website.


Once you’ve added a Customer Cabinet to your web page and your customers are logged in with their WP credentials, they’ll be able to:

  • view, update and delete their personal information;
  • remove their customer profile;
  • view appointments history;
  • see all details of the appointment (date, time, employee, status, price, etc.)
  • reschedule or cancel their bookings.


Setup and configuration

1. Purchase, download and activate Customer Cabinet add-on in Plugins.

2. Navigate to Bookly menu > Settings > Customer Cabinet and enable it.

3. Go to WP Dashboard > Pages. Create a new page or select an existing one, where you want to add a Customer cabinet to.

4. Click on Add Customer Cabinet button.


5. You’ll be offered to check the tabs and columns you want to add to a customer cabinet.


6. Note that your customers will be able to log into their Customer Cabinet only with their WordPress credentials. Make sure you’ve enabled Create WordPress user account for customers in Settings > Customers.


Try this demo to see Customer Cabinet add-on in action.

Get the Bookly Customer Cabinet Add-on here.


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Customer Information add-on – use custom fields to add extra info to client’s profile.

Staff Cabinet add-on – let your staff members manage their profile settings and bookings on the front-end.

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  • Avatar

    The price on the Customer Cabinet only shows the price for the service but not the extra service prices.Though, it shows in the customers, appointments and payment tabs.

    Edited by Anthony
  • Avatar
    Alexandr Chebotarev

    I have this message You don't have permissions to view this content.

  • Avatar
    Tomer Levi

    same here "You don't have permissions to view this content." Did you manage to figure out Alexandr Chebotarev?

  • Avatar
    Tomer Levi

    Bookly Customer Cabinet disabling my mobile menu. any idea?

  • Avatar
    Support Team


    Customers will see the service price, the final price isn't displayed in the cabinet.

    The customer cabinet is designated for customers - so only customers with associated WP user accounts will be able to access the cabinet. Please check the customers menu if the WP user account you are logged in with is associated with any account (User column).

    Regarding the last inquiry, please provide more details about it and send some screenshots to

  • Avatar
    T Horejsi

    Hi Suport Team,

    regading to management with personal data and possbility to delete their personal details so I have a question. Probably we do not want any client to delete or change the their details if is in Black List (Customer's Group plugin). Is there anything to prevent the data in Black List? GDPR know something called "legitimate interest" so I probalby want to keep data of clients in Black List.

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi, currently, this option is not supported, unfortunately.

  • Avatar
    T Horejsi

    Ok. If possible, please let me know as soon as possible you will have this option included so I will buy the addon. After make sence for us. Thx.

  • Avatar
    Wan Fathurrahman

    How can we hide/edit the word 'WP' in 'WP user' on profile section, so that the client wont notice we are using wordpress?

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Wan, if you want to rename this option you will need to make changes to a file or rename it with some tools like Poedit or Locotranslate.

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