Custom data in client’s profile (Customer Information Add-on)


All add-ons for Bookly require Bookly PRO installed and activated.

If you wish to enhance a customer's profile with additional client-specific information, you can do so using the Customer Information (Add-on) feature. You can create custom fields with various questions and conveniently gather the necessary details directly within the Customers section of Bookly.

For a step-by-step guide on adding custom data to a client's profile, please refer to this instructional video.

Setup and Configuration

1. Purchase, download, install and activate the Customer Information (Add-on) in the Plugins.

2. Once activated, you'll find a Customer Information section in the left sidebar menu within the Bookly menu. To add a custom field, select its type*, click the + button, and enter the question.

Customer Information section in Bookly

All custom fields can be rearranged according to your needs by dragging the sandwich icon. These fields will appear on the 'Details' step of the booking process, just below the personal information fields.

If you select a custom field to be Required, your clients won't be able to complete the booking without answering your questions.

The Ask once setting allows you to display custom questions only once. If the field was filled in, it won't be shown to your clients during subsequent booking sessions. This feature works for authorized WordPress users.

You can create customer information fields designed for internal use only (hidden from the customer's view). Simply toggle the field visibility with a single click on the ‘eye’ icon.

3. All the information entered by the client in custom fields will be stored in the Customers section in Bookly.

Bookly booking form – Details step

You can update this information by clicking on the Edit button.

Customers section in Bookly

Customer information codes

In Email Notifications and on your calendar record template, you can use separate codes for each custom field. Copy the code next to the custom field type and insert it into the email notification or calendar entry.


*Custom Fields Types

  • Text Field: Customers can fill in this field.
  • Text Area: An element of the booking form interface that you can place above or below the fields that customers need to complete, or choose an option from.
  • Text Content will be displayed as simple text.
  • Checkbox Group: Customers can choose several options within a group of choices.
  • Radio Button Group: A list of elements with only one possible choice.
  • Drop Down: Customers can choose one answer from the list.
  • Numeric Field: Allows you to create a field for entering numeric values. The Use limit values option lets you set minimum and maximum values for a range.
  • Date Field: Allows you to create a field for date selection. The Use limit values option lets you set minimum and maximum values for a range.
  • Time Field: Allows you to create a field for time selection. The Use limit values option lets you set minimum and maximum values for a range.
  • File: allows you to upload files to client profiles. To use this option, Files (Add-on) for Bookly is required.

Try this demo (both front-end and back-end versions) to get a better understanding of how the Customer Information (Add-on) works.



Files (Add-on) – upload attachments right in your booking form.

Customer Groups (Add-on) – organize your customer list into specific groups.


[Bookly Blog] What’s the difference between Custom Fields (Add-on) & Customer Information (Add-on)

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