Customer List

All newly registered customers are automatically added to the customer list. Access a history of individual customer appointments either by searching for their name/email in the appointments list or by sorting the list based on client name or email.

Additionally, when clients provide their address in a booking form or authenticate using their Facebook credentials, this information is displayed in distinct columns within this section (for non-widescreen monitors, click the "+" symbol next to the client's name).

Customers section in Bookly

Take note of the "Import" button located just above the list. By uploading your existing client list, you can prevent the creation of duplicate entries when they return (provided they enter the same information for both name and email).
Additionally, you have the option to export the list in .csv format.

Table settings

Click the eye icon in the upper right corner of the page to choose the columns you wish to include in the Customers table. Rearrange the columns easily using the drag & drop option.

Customers section in Bookly – Table settings

How to merge duplicate contacts

If you have multiple records for the same client, you can merge them.

      1. Select contacts by checking the box next to their names.
      2. At the bottom of the page, click on Select for merge, and the selected contacts will be listed in a 'Merge list'.
      3. Choose the contact you want to merge with by checking the box next to their name, then click Merge with.

All appointments and payments of the merged customers will be consolidated into the selected contact.

Customer Address

To enable clients to enter their address in a booking form, go to the Appearance section > Step by step form > Details tab, check the box next to the Show address fields option.

Appearance section in Bookly

In the modern booking forms, navigate to the Details tab and enable the Address option under the Step content section on the right, or click on the Address field and ensure that the Show option is selected.

Appearance section in Bookly

Additionally, you can rename address fields if necessary.

In Settings > Customers, you have the option to make address fields required by enabling the Make address mandatory option. Choose the address fields you wish to request from the client by checking the appropriate checkboxes. You can also adjust the order of the fields using the sandwich icons.

Bookly Settings

All address data entered at the Details step will be visible in the Customers section.

Customer address can be included in the email notifications by inserting the {client_address} code into your notification templates.

Entered address can also be viewable on your calendar entry if you use {client_address} code in the record template (Settings > Calendar).

Customer address can be included in email notifications by inserting the {client_address} code into your notification template. Additionally, the entered address can be visible on your calendar entry by using the {client_address} code in the record template (Settings > Calendar).

In Settings > Customers > Customer address, you can configure how the customer's address will be displayed in notifications and on your calendar entry. Start typing "{" to see the available codes.

The if block can be used for conditional cases. If it is included in your content template, Bookly will check the condition and generate the content accordingly. For example, if address fields are not mandatory in your booking form, the client may skip some of them. The following configuration will display only available address fields:

{#if country}{country},{/if}{#if state}{state},{/if}{#if postcode}{postcode},{/if}{#if city}{city},
{/if}{#if street}{street},{/if}{#if additional_address}{additional_address},{/if}{#if street_number}{street_number}{/if}

Bookly Settings – Customer address

View client appointments history

You can track a full history of the client's visits. In the Appointments section, filter by the customer's name, and choose 'Any time' from the time range drop-down menu.

Appointments section in Bookly – booking history

Verify customer's contact information at Details step

Customer verification ensures the accuracy of contact details provided during the Details step in a Bookly booking form. In the Settings > Customers > Verify customer's contact information at Details step, you can choose from the following options:

  • Off – no verification codes are sent (the option is disabled);
  • Always verify phone – a notification with a verification code (OTP) is sent by SMS with every new booking;
  • Always verify email – a notification with a verification code is sent by email with every new booking;
  • Only if data is different from the previous order – A notification with a verification code is sent only if a customer enters contact details that differ from the previous order. For an updated email address, a notification is sent by email, and for an updated phone number, a notification is sent by SMS.



Custom Fields (Add-on) – get all the info you want from customers.

Customer Information (Add-on) – add custom data to customer’s profile.

Online access to bookings for clients

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