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Customer List

All new customers are automatically logged in the customer list. See an individual customer’s full history of appointments by either searching for their name/email in the appointments list or by sorting the appointments list by client name or email. When your clients enter their address in a booking form or authorize using their Facebook credentials, this info is also displayed in this section in separate columns (for non-widescreen monitors press + near the client’s name).


Notice there’s the "import" button just above the list. By uploading the list of your existing clients, you’ll make sure that, when they come back, duplicate logs won’t be created for them (as long as they provide the same info as both name and email).

You can also export the list as a .csv .


How to merge duplicate contacts

If you have more than one record of the same client, you can merge them.

  1. To select duplicate contacts, check the boxes next to their names.
  2. Click on Select for merge and they’ll be listed below in a ‘Merge list’.
  3. Choose contact you want to merge with by checking the box next to its name and click Merge with. All appointments and payments of the merged customers will be moved to the selected one.


Customer Address

To allow your clients to enter their address in a booking form, go to Settings > Customers. Select Make address mandatory field and enable it. Then choose address fields you want to request from the client by marking the appropriate checkboxes. Drag the sandwich icons to change their position if necessary.

Navigate to the Appearance section in Bookly menu > Details tab. Select the checkbox next to Show address fields option.

Also, there you can rename address fields if needed.

All address data entered at the Details step will be displayed in Bookly Customers section.

Customer address can be included in the email notifications by inserting the {client_address} code into your notification templates.


Watch this video to learn more about managing your customer base.

Try this demo to see Bookly in action.



Custom Fields (Add-on) – get all the info you want from customers.

Customer Information (Add-on) – add custom data to customer’s profile.

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    I noticed that you guys recently released some Bookly addons. It’s great news! However, I still have some questions and feature requests that would make your plugin even more powerful.
    I noticed that Bookly having all those numerous addons, still lacks some important feature; There is still no option to see each customer’s past and future appointments list and look into appointment history for each customer separately in an easy way.
    From a medical clinic point of view, I think that there should be an option to look into each customer’s medical treatment history with all the attached files, notes and info inserted using your addons, especially Customer Information addon, Custom Fields addon, and Bookly Files addon. All that data should be easily accessible in one place, right after clicking or searching each customer’s profile. I think that there should be an option to show all customer’s data with an option to view, edit or add files (x-ray photos, pdf files, xml files, etc.).
    It could work like this:
    After searching and clicking on a particular patient/customer on customers’ list page (print screen 1:, site admin would be taken to a page with all of customer’s past and future appointments list (print screen 2: Each appointment should have an option to browse existing appointments info and add some additional info like: Appointment’s notes, Appointment’s files (support for adding numerous files in unlimited amounts: PDFs, JPGs, PNGs, XMLs, etc.). Site admin could choose one past or future appointment and see all the data attached to it to have a clue of a patient’s/customer’s treatment history (print screen 3: These features could be helpful not only for medical treatment practices, but also for other businesses.
    All of that could be integrated with these existing addons: Customer Information addon, Custom Fields addon, and Bookly Files addon.
    I attached some files (print screens) to this message to show you how easily this could be integrated within current Bookly UI’s architecture.
    What do you think about that? Is that possible? I guess that it could be easily integrated into your plugin. Are you planning to add these features in future release?
    It would make your plugin way more powerful.

    Best regards.

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    Support Team

    Hi, currently, you can view the customer’s booked appointments by accessing the appointments menu and using the filters from there. Though, please create a new record on our feature requests forum:

    The forum is where we track requests for new capabilities, and our product development depends directly on the number of votes each request receives.

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    Hi, I have followed the steps to have a customer's client saved into my Bookly calendar appointment, but inserting '{client_address}' code is NOT working. Also, I need to save client notes ({client_notes}) & that is also not displaying. PLEASE HELP ASAP!

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    Support Team

    Hi, these codes are not supported for the appointment's template. These notes can be if you open an appointment and click on the customer's name and the customer's address can be seen in the customers menu.

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    Ok, for appointments, is there a way to save the client's address to display in the calendar? An add-on perhaps?

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    Support Team

    Hi Rubi, currently, there's no option to display the address in the calendar.

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    Whitetornado Nl

    i try to import customers based on the export, but fields are on the wrong place or complete empty. Even support let me wait for days to fix this!!!

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