Set Up Emails

All these settings will be applied to all types of email notifications sent to both customers and staff.

General Settings

Navigate to the Email Notifications section and access the Settings tab for general configurations.

Email Notifications section in Bookly Pro – Settings

Sender name: It is recommended to use something recognizable, such as the company/brand name or the name of the team member providing the services (if applicable).

Sender email: Ensure this is an existing and active email address.

Send emails as: Choose the format of the notification.

  • HTML: Allows formatting options like bold, italics, colored fonts, positioning, etc.
  • Text: Regular text, suitable for all email programs.

Reply directly to customers: Enable this feature if you want your staff and admins to communicate with customers via email. This will use the customer's email address as the sender email in notifications sent to staff and in copies of customer notifications sent to admins.

Scheduled notifications retry period: Set the system's attempt to re-send notifications to users over a specified period of time.

Click Save.

In the Email logs tab, you can view the complete history of all email notifications sent for reservations made via Bookly. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose how many days you wish to retain these logs.

Note: If your client enters an incorrect email address during the Details step of the booking process, automated booking confirmation emails won't be delivered. To address undelivered emails, kindly review your sender's mailbox for any 'delivery failed' messages.

Watch this video tutorial to learn more about configuring Email and SMS notifications in Bookly.



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