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General Settings

Please note that some settings described below are available with Bookly Pro installed and activated. The free version of Bookly has limited functionality.

These are a few crucial company-wide settings that you’ll have to set up before publishing the booking form.

Settings > Company

Company name, logo, and address – to be included in emails.

Settings > General > Time slot length

You can treat this as your standard block of time: the entire 24-h day will be divided into time slots with this length. All appointments will be scheduled as per these time slots.

For example, if you set time slot length as 15 min, clients will be offered to book even one-hour-long appointments at 10.00 or 10.15 or 10.30, etc. You can also set the Time slot length for each service separately in the Services section.

Settings > Business Hours

This will be the default working days and hours for all your staff (=> all appointments). Specify the hours for each team member in Staff Members > Schedule.

Settings > Payments > Currency

The price that you set up in Services has to be shown in a currency, and here’s where you set it.

Settings > Purchase Code

Copy and paste here the purchase code that you got from CodeCanyon when buying the plugin. This will allow you to get updates of the plugin for free and, in case of any issues or difficulties, get customer service.

See this video tutorial about general settings in Bookly.

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  • Avatar
    Denver Prophit Jr

    Several items are missing in General Settings and you should update this page. LIke "Set the URL of a page that is shown to staff after they approve their appointment." What is the staff supposed to see?

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi, thanks for the post, we'll update our documentation!

    Set the URL of a page that is shown to staff after they approve their appointment - this setting offers the option to set a link/URL that the staff member will be forwarded to after he will click on the approval link in the email notification.

  • Avatar
    Denver Prophit Jr

    Hi Dennis. You need something in documentation that suggests what should be on this page. Even if you use a pastebin or github gist full of shortcodes. We need to understand the business process of what staff should see after they approve an appointment?

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    This page is a just general confirmation page that informs the staff member that the appointment was confirmed.

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    Before buy pro version, I am trying to check that its compatible with my DIVI theme or not. I do not want create new page for booking. I want open form on my service page with button click as popup window. Let me know How I can achieve this.
    Pop-up Window Instead of Page

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