Translate Booking Form via WPML

WPML is the recommended option for translating the plugin and offering multi-language support.

WPML will translate the entirety of your plugin, including dynamic info, i.e., service and category titles, scheduled notifications, and any custom fields that you've created by the time of translation.


1. Install the WPML plugin making sure you’ve added the main WPML components:

  • WPML Multilingual CMS (the core plugin)
  • WPML String Translation

You will need to configure WPML before you can start translating. Click on Configure WPML button at the top of the Plugins page and follow the steps required to prepare your site for translating.


2. Install Bookly.

We recommend that you install WPML before you install Bookly as that is the easiest way to have the entire Bookly plugin translated. However, if you have already installed Bookly, you will need to do one additional step to make sure your notifications are also translated via WPML: go to the Email & SMS Notifications and press "Save" at the bottom of each page when you're done setting WPML.

3. To translate texts from Bookly, you need to scan them first. Go to the WPML > String Translation page and click the Can't find the strings you're looking to translate? message at the top.

A dialog will slide open. Select Bookly and click the Scan translation files button.


4. After the scan is complete, the page refreshes and you can now select the related plugin in the Select string within domain dropdown.


We recommend that you choose to see the "strings that need translation" as there's almost always something left out from the automatic translation.

5. Once the Bookly plugin strings are scanned you can translate them on the WPML > String Translation page.

There is also a search box in the upper part of the screen. Just click on translations, and you'll have a drop-down menu for filling the translated text. After you finish, tick "Translation is complete" and save it.

6. If you installed WPML after you installed Bookly, don't forget to go the Email Notifications and SMS Notifications and press "Save" at the bottom of each page.

Note: If, for some reason, you're missing untranslated strings from Bookly in the String translation page, you will need to go to the related section in Bookly menu and press "Save". After this, missing strings will appear in WPML.

You can help us improve Bookly by contributing translations for the languages you speak. For more details, please reach out to us via




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