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All add-ons for Bookly require Bookly PRO installed and activated.

Before your customers schedule their appointments, you may wish to gather general information, ask specific questions, or request additional personal details.

In the default configuration of Bookly PRO, customers are obligated to provide essential information such as their name, phone number, and email address.

With the Custom Fields (Add-on), you have the flexibility to create as many fields as necessary. You can select from various types of questions, designate them as required or optional, and seamlessly integrate them into the Details step of the booking process. As clients book a service, they will have to complete these custom fields. Once the client finalizes the booking, all reservation details will be automatically added to your Bookly Calendar.

Moreover, this information can be included in email notifications for both your staff members and customers by inserting the {custom_fields} code into the email body. Note that the {custom_fields} code is applicable solely to single notifications.


Setup and configuration

1. Purchase, download, and activate the Bookly Custom Fields (Add-on) via the Plugins section.

2. Navigate to the Bookly menu, where you will find the Custom Fields section in the left sidebar. To add a custom field, choose its type, click the "+" button, and then enter your content.


All custom fields can be easily rearranged according to your preferences by dragging the sandwich icon. Additional fields will be displayed on the Details step of the booking process, just below the personal information fields.

For Radio Button Group, Checkbox Group, and Drop Down types of custom fields, you have the option to designate a specific choice as the default selection.

Any information you enter in the description field will be visible to your customers on the front end.



3. If you designate a custom field as required, your clients must answer the associated questions before completing the booking.

4. If you enable the Bind fields to services option, you can create service-specific custom fields. This functionality allows you to request different information based on the specific service your client is booking. Simply check the relevant services in the drop-down list next to the created custom field to tailor the questions accordingly.

5. To prevent duplicates of custom fields at the Details step (for example, when customers book multiple instances of the service), you can enable the feature to merge them into a single field.


The Merge repeating custom fields for multiple bookings of the service option is designed to work for identical services. If a customer books the same service multiple times, the custom fields will be merged. However, if a customer books two or more different services, the custom fields will be repeated for each distinct service.

6. You can create internal custom fields that are visible in the backend only. To hide a specific custom field, click on the ‘eye’ icon to toggle its visibility.


Conditional custom fields

You can set conditions for displaying a particular custom field based on the selection (or non-selection) of a specific value in another custom field. Currently, conditions can be applied to Checkbox Group, Radio Button Group, or Dropdown types of custom fields in the if statement.

For instance, you may want to show a text field for entering a promo code only when customers confirm (select ‘Yes’) that they have one.

To implement this, create two types of custom fields.


Navigate to the Conditions tab. Set Show > Enter your promo code below. This information will be added to the appointment details and you'll get a discount at the time of visit. if Do You Have a Promo Code? in Yes.



All information provided by your clients in the custom fields can be accessed in the Appointments section (press + if you are using a non-widescreen monitor). Additionally, if you use the {custom_fields} code in your record template (Settings > Calendar), this information will be included in your calendar entry.



If you need to edit the information, click Edit to access the booking details, then click on the customer's name and make the necessary changes. Click Apply and then Save.


For Email Notifications and your calendar record template, you can use separate codes for each custom field. Copy the code located next to the custom field type and insert it into the email notification or calendar template.


Types of custom fields

  • Text Field: Filled in by the customer.
  • Text Area: An element of the booking form interface, positioned above or below the fields for customer input or option selection.
  • Text Content: Appears as simple text.
  • Checkbox Group: Customers can choose several options within a group of choices.
  • Radio Button Group: A list of elements with only one possible choice.
  • Drop Down: Customers can choose one answer from a list.
  • Numeric Field: Creates a field for entering numeric values. The Use limit values option allows you to set minimum and maximum values within a range.
  • Date Field: Generates a field for date selection. The Use limit values option allows you to set minimum and maximum values within a range.
  • Time Field: Creates a field for time selection. The Use limit values option allows you to set minimum and maximum values within a range.
  • Captcha: Used to determine whether a user is human or not.

Try both the front-end and back-end versions of the Custom Fields (Add-on) on our free live demo. Gain a better understanding of how the add-on works in action.

Watch our video tutorial for step-by-step guidance on adding custom fields to your booking form.



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