Multisite Add-on


All add-ons for Bookly require Bookly PRO installed and activated.

Use the same copy of Bookly on multiple websites. Each site of your network will have its own list of services, staff members, appointments, and its own settings.


If you don't have Bookly installed yet, we recommend that you first install the Bookly Multisite (Add-on). If however you already have the plugin installed, just proceed with Step 1 – you'll simply need to de-activate and then re-activate again the plugin later (more details to come below).

1. Purchase and download the add-on. Then log in as a network admin. Go to My Sites > Network Admin > Plugins.

Click "Add New", then "Upload Plugin":

To upload, choose the file found in the archive that you downloaded from CodeCanyon. Click "Install Now".

Finally, click "Network Activate" to activate the add-on.

2. Install Bookly if you haven't yet.

If it's already installed, you may need to deactivate and then re-activate it so that the necessary changes will take place in the database.

Important: You'll need v8.5 or above of Bookly. Versions earlier than v8.5 do not support the Multisite (Add-on).

3. After a successful installation of the Bookly Multisite (Add-on), there will be a new "Bookly Multisite" item in the main menu of Network Admin.

4. Click Network and you should see a list of currently available sites in your network. Now you need to provide purchase codes for the plugin for each of your sites in the network (new license required for each new domain, as per this confirmation by Envato).


5. If you use scheduled notifications, then you need to reconfigure your cron script. Please refer to the informational message at the bottom of the page.

6. In Bookly Multisite > Settings, enter the purchase code for the add-on. This will allow you to update the add-on from the Plugins page of your Network Admin.

In order to add more sites in the future, you will only need to provide the purchase code for the Bookly plugin for each new site.


Critical Settings

Publish Booking Form


Locations (Add-on) allows clients to choose between several locations while booking appointments.

Google Calendar sync

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