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Bookly Files (Add-on) is an extra feature that enhances Bookly Custom Fields functionality. Either Bookly Custom Fields (Add-on) or Bookly Customer Information (Add-on) is required. All add-ons for Bookly require Bookly PRO installed and activated.

With the Bookly Files (Add-on), your customers can upload files related to the appointment right in the Bookly booking form. Your clients will have to attach the necessary files before the booking confirmation. All materials collected will be available in reservation details in the Bookly admin area.

Bookly booking form – Details step

Setup and Configuration

1. Purchase, download and activate the Bookly Files (Add-on) in Plugins.

2. In Appearance > Details tab, ensure that the Show files option is checked – this enables the file uploading feature in the booking form.

3. In Settings > Files, specify Upload directory – the folder path where the files will be stored on the server. If necessary, make sure that there is no free web access to the folder materials.

4. In Allowed file extensions, set up the file format allowed for uploading.

5. To add a File Upload button to your booking form, go to the Custom Fields section and press + File. You can add multiple file upload fields to your form.

Custom Fields section in Bookly

You can create internal fields that are visible in the backend only. If you want to hide some custom field, click on the ‘eye’ icon to toggle its visibility.

6. In Appearance > Details tab, change the wording of the file upload button.

Appearance section in Bookly

To view the list of uploaded files, click on the paperclip icon in the Appointments section > Attachments column. If there are no files uploaded, 'Attachments' column will be hidden.

Appointments section in Bookly

Attachment details in Bookly

Add or delete uploaded files by clicking on the customer's name in the Edit appointment window (Appointments > Edit > click on client's name > Edit booking details).

Booking details in Bookly


You can have multiple File Upload fields in your booking form so that your clients can add more attachments (one file per field).

Starting from Bookly Files (Add-on) v2.7, uploaded files are saved under human readable filename with mask {appointment_id}-{customer_appointment_id}-{custom_field_id}.

Try this demo to get a better understanding of how the Files (Add-on) works.

Watch this video tutorial about the file uploading feature in Bookly:

Bookly Files (Add-on) is available for purchase here.



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