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All add-ons for Bookly require Bookly PRO installed and activated.

The default version of the Bookly Pro plugin includes five regular appointment statuses: Pending, Approved, Cancelled, Rejected, and Done. However, with the Custom Statuses (Add-on), you gain the ability to create a set of advanced statuses tailored to your specific needs.

Custom Statuses section in Bookly

Custom statuses offer enhanced flexibility in managing your entire booking list, allowing you to link custom Email/SMS notifications and reminders based on them. Additionally, they can serve as the default status (Settings > Appointments > Default appointment status) for newly created appointments, providing a more personalized booking process aligned with your internal scheduling rules.

Settings section in Bookly

Edit appointment window in Bookly

Setup and configuration

1. Purchase, download, install and activate Bookly Custom Statuses (Add-on) in Plugins.

2. To create a new custom status, go to Settings > Custom Statuses in Bookly. Click on the Add status button.

Custom Statuses section in Bookly

3. Enter the Name for the new status. Choose whether appointments with this status should block the corresponding time slot or not:

  • Free: An appointment with this status will be considered as not occupied, allowing other customers to book the corresponding time slot.
  • Busy: An appointment with this status will be considered as occupied, preventing other customers from booking the corresponding time slot.

Reorder created statuses by using drag & drop in the list.

4. In Email or SMS Notifications, link specific notifications to a custom status. Choose or add a new notification type and select the appointment status at which the notification will be sent.

Email notifications section in Bookly

5. Filter appointments with custom statuses in the Appointments list.

Appointments section in Bookly

6. Use custom statuses in the 'Automatically change status of appointment' option in Settings > Appointments.

Settings section in Bookly

Check this free live demo to see the Bookly Custom Statuses (Add-on) in action.



Keep track & edit appointments – view and manage the list of your bookings.

Pending Appointments – confirm your bookings manually.

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