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All add-ons for Bookly require Bookly PRO installed and activated.

Manage multiple locations where you provide your services: associate employees with locations, let clients choose locations for their visits, manage appointments for locations separately.

Bookly Locations (Add-on) is available for purchase here.

During the booking process, customers choose at which location they would like to receive services.



Once you've purchased, downloaded and installed the add-on, you will see the new Locations tab in your Bookly sidebar menu.

Set up locations in that tab and tie employees to the locations.


Unlike categories (which have been used as locations in some setups), the Locations add-on allows you to keep different types of services categorized into groups, have staff migrate between locations (for services provided at home and grouped into locations by neighborhood e.g.).

Custom service settings for staff members for different locations

1. In Settings > Locations, enable the setting Custom settings for location. If enabled, you won't be able to remove Location field from the booking form (Appearance > Service tab).


2. Navigate to Staff Members > Edit > Services tab. Select a particular location from the drop-down menu and then select 'Use custom settings'. You'll be offered to choose services (and change their pricing) which will be provided by the staff in that particular location.


In Staff Members > Schedule tab, you'll be able to set custom working time for staff member in different locations.


You can filter appointments by location in Bookly Calendar and Appointments list.



If you want to see the location info in your Bookly Calendar, insert the {location_name} code into the record template in Settings > Calendar.


To see the location information in the Appointments list, enable the Location column in Table settings table-settings-btn.png.


To display the location in notifications, add the {location_name} and/or {location_info} code to the notification template (Bookly menu > Email/SMS Notifications).


Try this demo to get a better understanding of how the Bookly Locations (Add-on) works.

Get your Bookly Locations (Add-on) here.

Watch this video tutorial about Bookly Locations (Add-on).




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