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Locations Add-on

Manage multiple locations where you provide your services: associate employees with locations, let clients choose locations for their visits, manage appointments for locations separately.

Locations Add-on is available for download here.

During the booking process customers choose at which location they would like to receive services.


Once you’ve downloaded the add-on, you will see the new Locations tab in your dashboard.

Set up locations in that tab and tie employees to the locations.

Unlike categories (which have been used as locations in some setups), the Locations add-on allows you to keep different types of services categorized into groups, have staff migrate between locations (for services provided at home and grouped into locations by neighborhood e.g.). And soon it will allow you to incorporate addresses into automatic notifications and into booking form as well.


Get your Locations add-on here.

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    Christian Golding

    Hi Denis, New customer and really excited about the locations plugin. Where can i get this from? Thanks, Chris

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    Id like to add this, ive been trying to do this with another plugin - Please could you share the link? Cant find it on Code Canyon

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    The addon was approved and it's available for purchase on CodeCanyon.

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    Hi Denis
    I am using Location add on, but run into a issue I not can solve.
    I am using this addon to offer photosession at diffrent locations, but as I ca see, I need to create multiple users (my self) dedicated to each location to be able to set diffrency of prices based on locations.
    I am using only the fields: Location, Service and Employee
    It would be greate to have a oportunity to set "EXTRA PRICE" for the Location field, due to payed bridges, tollroads, and longer (more expensive travel)
    Should I make that in the service field or adding multiple users of myself, I end up with a huge amount fields to maintain.
    Hope it will come in a update very soon.

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    Hi, thanks for the feedback. Currently this is not supported, though you could create more staff members with different pricing and hide the employee field on the front end.

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    Sander Datema

    $10 sounds nice, but it says $20 on Codecanyon...

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    Hi Sander, the price went up a little bit since we released the add-on, we'll update the price.

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    Sam Britton | 418Design

    We have staff that spend some days at one surgery and then they spend the rest of the week at another surgery.

    Will this add-on cater for this? I dont want patients to be able to choose the location themselves. That is defined by where the doctor is on the day they have chosen to book their appointment. I guess I just need their appointment info to update with the right location.

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    You can adjust the location in the appointment creation pop-up by clicking on the customer's name and hide the location field if you don't want your customer to choose the location.

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    Josh Levitt

    Location field seems to be missing from the admin area. When I click to add a new Appointment from the admin area, the Location field is not shown. The Location field is also not shown on the Calendar.

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    Camilla Fecchio

    Hi, I've installed the location add-on.
    I have some members of staff that works in two locations.
    Is there a way to set into the calendar where each person is every day?
    For example: Staff-1 works in city-1 on monday and in city-2 on tuesday.
    If the customer chooses city-2, the calendar of staff-1 has to be blocked for every monday.

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    Hi Camila, at the moment there's no option to set different schedules for the same staff member for different locations. I advise to create two staff members with different schedules for this scenario.

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    @Denis, @Camilla Fecchio,
    We have the exact same need on our side. Please let us know when this useful feature will be added. Thanks!
    ** Synching calendars with locations would be great too.
    ** And a setting to set locations opening hours

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    Matthew Schmookler

    Very interested to purchase bookly and wondering if its possible to setup separate calendars based on a one-time events. For example offering 15 minute massage sessions on one-day at one specific location. I'd prefer the customers can only select options for that particular day and its associated services. And wondering who can get access to download the schedule spreadsheets

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    Hi Matthew, currently this is not supported, there's no option to set a schedule for a location, you can set the schedule only for staff members and with the locations add-on you can link staff members to location/s. One time-events can be created by using a workaround with the special days add-on, though these special days are set to staff members. Administrators can export appointments in the appointments menu.

    Edited by Denis
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    Jerome Williams

    If a staff member is selected by default, the full list of locations is displayed, instead of just THEIR locations.

    Would like the ability to LOCK an option.

    -If you're viewing a location's profile page (tells you about facilities, maybe a gallery, etc.), if you LOCK this location and HIDE the location drop down in the form, then only the employees for this location should show.

    -If you are viewing an employee's page (tells you about the employee, maybe some pics, etc.), if you LOCK this employee and HIDE staff member selections in the form, you would expect to only see THIS staff member's list of locations.

    Would not be hard, right? At the time of inserting the booking form, only one option can be LOCKED. So if Location can't be changed, the staff members can. If staff member can't be changed, their location can. I will use jQuery to make my own changes but I'd love to see it added in an update because this plugin is pretty boss.

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    Hi Jerome, thanks for your feedback, we'll take into account for future releases.

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    Nha pham

    Hello, we also bought this addon we need the features as JerRob had described. Rightnow this addon lacks many functionalites to manage it, it is not worth the price. Please update those features as soon as possible.

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