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Publish Booking Form

1. Open the page where you want to add the booking form in page edit mode and click on the "Add Bookly booking form" button.

2. Choose which fields you'd like to keep or remove from the booking form. By removing a field, you won't be deleting all the info associated with it – it will only be hidden from customer's view.

  • Categories of services
  • Services
  • Employee

All three of the above, when hidden, require a default value chosen here (because each appointment must have each of those properties).

  • Number of persons – lets clients book several spots for the same appointment (e.g. group class). This option is available with the Group Booking add-on.
    If hidden, all appointments will be booked just for one person.
  • Date – the user will be offered time slots on this preferred date and on dates after the preferred date (but not before).
  • Week days – since the client will be offered time slots spanning multiple dates, it can be helpful to have them pick days of the week as well.
  • Time range – the hours during the day during which the client would prefer to have the appointment. They will then be offered time slots within these hours only.

3. Click Insert, and the booking form will be added to the page.

If you’d like to have the booking form on multiple pages of your site, just follow the same steps for each page you want to add the form to.

All appointments created from each of those booking forms will be placed in one admin area (your Bookly Calendar and Appointments list).




Basic Setup



Critical Settings

Booking Form Appearance



Custom Fields Add-on in Booking Form to ask custom questions and get more info from clients during booking.

Online Payment

Notifications and reminder emails & text messages.

Locations Add-on

Multisite Add-onif you need to add the booking form to several websites of different businesses.

WPML Plugin Integration – to translate booking form interface and notifications from English into 40+ other languages.


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  • Avatar
    Suh Kristina

    How can I remove the "date, days and start from, finish by " from the 1.Service tab.
    It seems to be too confusing for the members, and they select the date and time on the next page anyway.


  • Avatar
    Support Team

    To remove that field you'll need to update the shortcode of the booking form. After you click the "Add Bookly booking form" button, you need to tick this field "Time range" to hide it. Then click on the "Insert" button and the shortcode will be generated, then update the page.

    Edited by Support Team
  • Avatar
    Glauber Carvalho

    In a MultiSite setup, aren't shortcodes in one subsite unique? If an Agent has work in two different sites inside the network, how to integrate the booking (from two jobs, one in each subsite) all in one place only? I was wondering how to publish the agenda without the shortcode, but with another code, like . We could point to only one place.

  • Avatar
    Jacque Monae

    this is still confusind. Where to locate the shortcode in order to remove start by-finish by?

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi, Glauber: if you'll use Bookly each site from the environment will work independently from each other, there's no global staff member that will work on all sites. Jacque, please follow the guide and on the pop-up you'll need to tick the "Time range" field to hide it, and then insert shortcode.

  • Avatar
    Glauber Carvalho

    Multisite: how to add a shortcode from site A on site B? Anchor? Php hook? Any idea? thanks.

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Glauber, currently such a functionality is not supported. Bookly works independently on each subsite from the WP multisite enviroment. You can add links that will forward the users to the same booking form from one website.

  • Avatar

    Peculiar question: would I be able to manage two calendars with one form?
    Specifically: could I differentiate the services an Employee can offer (my specific case is doctors offering both studio visits and online videoconsultation) and have the calendar act accordingly?
    Ideally I would love for my doctors to be able to specify when they are available for studio visits and when for videoconsultation, and for my visitors to use just the one form to choose one or the other.
    I hope I made myself clear, there are patch solutions to this (like doubling every employee profile, one for studio visits and one for consultations, then using two forms instead of just one) but of course being able to do everything with one form would be ideal.
    Thanks for your help!

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi, you could use the same form by creating two services and use the service schedule add-on to set different schedules for each service - this way you can use the one booking form with one staff member.

  • Avatar

    When you choose to hide service
    The text "please select service" still remains. ON THE FIRST BOOKLY SCREEN

    How do I remove this
    I won't be buying the product until this is an option

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi, in case you want to hide the service field, you need to set a default service when you update the shortcode of the booking form.

  • Avatar
    Patrik Redgård

    May I come with a suggestion? Some pagebuilders will not automatically show the Add Bookly booking form-button, this is of course not your fault. However, since the button do produce a short code, it would be a great idea to also publish the shortcode here in the documentation so that users can find it.

    I did search the docs for shortcode, however, that only returned a list of {variables} and not the correct [shortcode]. To easier onboard new customers of Bookly, it could be a great idea to ad the shortcode on both this help doc and the Shortcode-page.

    Exept for this really minor detail I am so so so satisfied with my purchase of Bookly and can not thank you enough for this great plugin.

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Patrik, thanks for your feedback! We did it in the older documentation, which created more confusion for new customers, though we'll think how to structure it to be accessible for everybody.

  • Avatar
    Daniel Dewald

    I haven't got any button "Add Bookly booking form", so I cannot add the form to any page, I am in edit mode!

  • Avatar
    Product Team

    Hi Daniel, please send us an email to with this inquiry and the purchase code to check this matter.

  • Avatar
    Daniel Dewald

    Thanks, I couldn't fine your email.
    I fixed that issue. I didn't understand that I cannot use the page builder from my theme.

  • Avatar
    Anders Husmann

    Looks like this plugin has a lot of wonderful features. I did buy it, but I have issues getting the booking form appearing on the page. When I press "Add booking form" in Elementor, the box with the title "
    Add Bookly booking form" shows an empty page. I do get some more options, when I press "add contact form", the box, in contrast, does in the latter case appear with customization options. Any clue on what I can do?

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