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Services are the types of appointments customers will be able to book.

They can be provided by all staff or only by specific team members.

Group services into Categories, which customers will be able to choose from before they select a service. For the plugin to function properly, each service must be included in a category, which means that you'll need to create at least one (default) category and put all services in it.

Create and edit categories and services from your Bookly menu > Services.


Properties of Services

Please note that settings described below are available with Bookly Pro installed and activated. The free version of Bookly has limited functionality.


Color-code appointments of this service in the calendar in your Bookly menu. The color will not be shown to your clients at any point.


Use "public" by default. The "private" setting is for the times when you need to take down a previously active service.


Service cost will be shown to the client during booking for their review and confirmation of the booking. Setting the price here does not require that you set up online payment because you can give clients the option of offline payment, too.


It is the length of an appointment. You can set it from 5 minutes to 7 days. You can set start and end times of the appointment for services with the duration of 1 day or longer. This time will be displayed in notifications to customers.

Padding time

Determine a short time period around an appointment used for clean-up, preparation, or just rest. That time cannot be used for another booking.

Time slot length

This setting allows you to divide the length of the day into slots – time interval which is used as a step when building all time slots for the service at the Time step. This setting overrides global settings in Settings > General > Time slot length. Use Default to apply global settings.

Providers preference for ANY

Allows you to define the rule of staff members auto assignment when customers schedule an appointment on your website and don’t have a staff member preference (when they select ANY option in a “provider” drop-down).

Bookly will automatically choose a staff member for any selected service as per your settings. The feature works as follows:

  • Specified order – appointment will be assigned to the available staff member in a specified order of priorities;
  • Most/least occupied that day – appointment will be assigned to the most/least occupied staff member on the date of appointment (see how it works when customers book unscheduled appointments here);
  • Most/least occupied for period – Bookly will assign the appointment to the most/least occupied staff member taking into account provider’s occupancy at a selected period;
  • Most/least expensive – appointment will be assigned to the staff member with the highest/lowest service price. If the price is the same, random assignment will be applied.


Providers are your staff members that clients will be able to choose from as the person providing the service. A service has to be assigned to at least one provider to appear in the Service drop-down menu in the booking form.

Limit appointments per customer

Set the limit of service bookings per customer in any given period. Restriction may end after a fixed period or with the beginning of the next calendar period – new day, week, month, etc.

Example #1: if you limit the number of appointments to 2 upcoming bookings, this will mean that a customer won’t be able to book more than 2 appointments during the available booking period which depends on the free time slots availability and values set in Number of days available for booking, Minimum time requirement prior to booking.

Example #2: if you limit the number of appointments to 2 bookings per 24 hours/7 days/30 days/365 days, this will mean that a customer will be able to book only 2 appointments during the selected period. The restriction will end after this period is over.

Example #3: if you limit the number of appointments to 2 bookings per day/week/month/year, the restriction will end with the beginning of the new day/week/month/year.


In this field, you can write any kind of text and then have it automatically used in notifications to clients, booking form wording, etc.

See this video tutorial to get a better understanding of how to create Services and Categories in Bookly.





Basic Setup


Critical Settings

Booking Form Appearance

Publish Booking Form on One or Several Pages of One Website.



Service Extras Add-On lets you offer extra treatments or products for an additional price during the booking process.

Multiply Appointments Add-On is for the times when you need to let your clients decide how long of an appointment they want.


Don't have a copy of the plugin yet? Learn how to install it.


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  • Avatar

    It would be very useful to be able to have padding times that are in more fine increments, like 15min between appointments.

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    You can set 15 minutes padding times, please check the time slot length setting and set it to a smaller value.

  • Avatar

    My client has problems with the plugin '' Bookly ''
    When a client of hers wants to make an appointment by pressing the 'afspraak' button and then fill her\his chosen time and date, it says that there arent any timeblocks available while my client does have time on the selected date and time. Another problem that my client has with 'bookly'' Is that bookly does not sync with Google calendar. As you can see in the screenshots, every thing is correctly installed.

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi, please check if the visibility field is not set to "Private" for staff members, as it will make the staff member unavailable for booking. Regarding google calendar we'll need more details about it and check also the staff members tab for errors.

  • Avatar
    Maria B

    can I change the time to our type of time, you have like 9:30 am and I would like without the am word or 9h30. Is this possible ?

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Maria, you can change the time format in WordPress settings.

  • Avatar

    Why my service don't show or hide on my website ?
    I can't use service function.
    How can i use it ?

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Penny, please check if your services are linked to at least one staff member and if the visibility field is to "public", otherwise these services won't be displayed on the booking form.

  • Avatar
    Gerald Homboy

    Hi, I tried the demo because we are planning to purchase this plug-in but it seems that I cannot add the services. The add services button won't work.

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Gerald, this function works, please check again.

  • Avatar
    Jamie Smith

    Suddenly the "Capacity" field is missing from my installation?

  • Avatar
    Product Team

    Hi Jamie, This behavior occurred because you installed the plugin from codecanyon, which is designated for new licenses, that's why you have missing features.
    Please send us an email to support@ladela. com and our tech department can assist with this matter.

  • Avatar
    Martín Carrera

    Hello, my customer needs 1 detail page for each service. Can I create a simple page with a direct link to the Bookly but open it in the 2 step, with the service previously selected?
    Can I create a service details page with Bookly?

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    HI Martin, currently this option is not supported. You will need to create manually these pages, though you can create links that will redirect user to a booking will preselected values. Please check this guide for more details:

  • Avatar
    Toro Keng

    I am a student, using Instant-WP, using the Lite version of Bookly.

    I manage to add service at the service tab.
    But the services I added is no appearing at the dropdown list on the appointment making page, where category, services, staff, time and date can be select.

    Is this the same reason for the staff tab where i couldnt add new staff because I am using the trial/demo version???

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Toro, please check if the created services are associated with staff members and the visibility field is set to "public".

  • Avatar

    We have updated Bookly with latest version 4.9 and after updating the plugin old features are gone. Bookly Service Capacity and Custom fields are no longer exists. Why?

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi, please send us email to with this inquiry and your purchase code so we could look into this matter.

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