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Can I hide Category / Service / Employee fields from the booking form?

Yes, hide any of them when placing the booking form on a page: a click on the "Add Bookly booking form" button will open a window with a checklist that contains all of these fields (and some more).

Just make sure that, for the fields you remove, in that same window you choose the default value (required for the plugin to function properly).

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    Glauber Carvalho
    This question answers my problem, I think. So if I have a site with spa, hair and massage. On the spa page, can I have a calendar crafted to the spa options and professionals without seeing any of the other professionals and trades (in this example, no info about hair and massage). Is this possible? thanks.
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    Yes, you could create three categories (spa, hair and massage) and link them to the relevant services. Afterwards create three pages, and on each page hide a different category(when you add the booking form on the page), so the customers will be able to choose the service and staff member that is linked to one category.
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    Matthew Mazzone

    I was having trouble with this and it was driving me crazy. Thanks for the help

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    Yasser Ismail

    Hi I have problem that the service field does not contain any data even after selecting the Categories

    I tried to Hide it without success, initially I used to have the light version however I removed it from CPanel before installing the plugin

    another issue the customers inside the back end screen not shown when I try to add new customers and it pop up and disappear immediately

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    Hi Yasser, please send us an email to with this inquiry so we could check this matter.

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