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How to skip time slot selection (Tasks add-on)

Important: All add-ons for Bookly require Bookly Pro add-on installed and activated.

Bookly Tasks add-on allows you and your customers to create tasks or appointments with no date and time selection. All created tasks will be listed in your Appointments section. Once your task has a date and time, you can edit the details of it and a new appointment will be added to your Bookly Calendar. If the task doesn’t require specific time for its performance, you can mark it as Done once it is completed.



  • Create and manage an unlimited list of tasks;
  • View all your unscheduled bookings and to-dos in one place – Bookly admin panel;
  • Let clients skip date and time selection on the front-end;
  • Check off completed tasks or set a date and time for unscheduled appointments;
  • Send Email or SMS notifications once your task has been completed.

Setup and configuration

1. Purchase, download and activate Bookly Tasks add-on in Plugins.

2. To create a task from Bookly admin area, navigate to Appointments section and click New appointment. You’ll see a new option – Skip time selection, which allows creating appointments (or tasks) without date and time.


3. Once your task or unscheduled appointment is listed, you’ll be able to view it by clicking on Tasks in a time range drop-down menu. Click Edit to update the status of the task when it’s completed, or schedule a new appointment once your task has date and time.


4. Navigate to Email/SMS Notifications in Bookly menu. Select the relevant template or create your own one in Custom notifications and edit it, as appropriate.


5. To let your customers skip the Time step in your front-end booking form, you should configure the relevant settings for each service separately. Go to Services section in Bookly menu, pick up a service and select an appropriate option from the Time step settings drop-down:

Required – Time step is mandatory in a booking form

Optional – Customers may skip time slot selection

OFF – Time step is disabled (hidden) in a booking form, applicable to tasks.


6. Providers preference for ANY

Read here how this setting works with regular services.

If the Time step is disabled for a service, and you set most/least occupied that day for ANY option, the system will use the day of booking (when a customer creates an appointment) as a day of service performance and assign an appointment to a service provider that is most/least occupied on the day of creating a reservation.


Try this demo to get a better understanding of how the Tasks Add-on works.

Bookly Tasks add-on is available for purchase here.

If you wish you can join a community of translators who help us in Bookly localization. Join translation of Bookly and help us become closer and speak with you in your native language. Read more here.



Service Extras Add-on – create and bind extra items to services.

Files Add-on – let your customers add multiple attachments to the reservation.

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    Paul Favors

    This article is missing an important distinction. The ability to "skip" time selection on the frontend does NOT mean one can also "hide" the time selection on the frontend.

    I bought the Task add-on thinking that I'd be able to completely hide the time selection step on the fronted, but was sorely disappointed to discover that such is not possible. As a result, I have a client's project delayed until I can find a solution.

    I was advised to submit a feature request. I'll do that, but I'm afraid I don't have time to wait until the developers maybe decide to add this important feature.

    Can you provide a patch of code that will allow me to do this in the meantime?

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