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Booking Periods Available and more

Last cancellation date

A booking cannot be cancelled online after a certain amount of time is left until the appointment. Especially useful if you’re using online payment. The capability is disabled by default.

Bookly Settings > General > Minimum time requirement prior to canceling

Last-minute bookings

How late before the actual appointment do you want your clients to be able to book with you? Set it up by hours, days, or weeks. Disabled by default.

Bookly Settings > General > Minimum time requirement prior to booking

How far ahead will your clients be able to book?

The maximum number of days in the future that your clients can book appointments for. Disabled by default.

Bookly Settings > General > Number of days available for booking

Display available times in client's time zone

If this option is enabled, the time slots will be converted according to the time zone where the customer is located. In email notifications, the time of appointments will also be in the client’s time zone.

Bookly Settings > General > Display available time slots in client’s time zone

Sometimes confusion happens. To avoid this, you can also add a time zone switcher right to your booking form. To enable this feature, go to Bookly menu > Appearance > Time tab and check the box next to the Show time zone switcher.


Watch this video to discover the main Bookly settings and features.


Reminders on upcoming bookings – another way to reduce no-shows.

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