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Booking Periods Available and more


Last cancellation date

A booking cannot be cancelled online after a certain amount of time is left until the appointment. Especially useful if you’re using online payment. The capability is disabled by default.

Bookly Settings > General > Minimum time requirement prior to canceling


Last-minute bookings

How late before the actual appointment do you want your clients to be able to book with you? Set it up by hours, days, or weeks. Disabled by default.

Bookly Settings > General > Minimum time requirement prior to booking


How far ahead will your clients be able to book?

The maximum number of days in the future that your clients can book appointments for. Disabled by default.

Bookly Settings > General > Number of days available for booking


Show times in client’s time zone

If this option is enabled, the time slots will be converted according to the time zone where the customer is located. In email notifications, the time of appointments will also be in the client’s time zone.

Bookly Settings > General > Display available time slots in client’s time zone

Sometimes confusion happens, to avoid this, you can also add a time zone switcher right to your booking form. To enable this feature, go to Bookly menu > Appearance > Time tab and check the box next to the appropriate setting.



Watch this video to discover the main Bookly settings and features.



Reminders on upcoming bookings - another way to reduce no-show.

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  • Avatar
    paula rodriguez

    hi there. Question: is it possible to desable the option "i'm available on after" field? I run a school; I need the students to choose a day+specific hour of a weekly class. This day will be fixed (student will come every week at the same day and hour), so it is not linked to a calendar and one specific day; it is a weekly class, taking place same day every week... And, I don't want to have a counter controlling the amount of spots free x inscriptions (my availability of spots is flexible).
    second question: consider I am in the first step (service) - can I choose already here the day AND hour for my service (in my case: class), skiping the second screen (Time)? Thank you in advance! best regards, Paula

    Edited by paula rodriguez
  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Paula, you can hides those filters by updating the shortcode of the booking form, when you'll click on the "Add Bookly booking form", on the pop up you need to tick the fields you want to hide. The “Time” step can’t be removed, Bookly is designed to work with time slots, so customers need to choose a slot to book an appointment.

  • Avatar
    donato stigliano

    I would like to be able to select more time slots at the same time as the plugin, for example 9.00-10.00, 13.00-15.00 and 19.00-21.00 and then proceed with the payment.
    Not like that.

    Edited by donato stigliano
  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Donato, you can use the built-in cart if you want to book more time slots. By using the cart you can add more services to it before proceeding to the payment step.

  • Avatar
    gabriel kalb

    Hi, When client try to schedule an appointment aways open the current date, but in current date i dont have any spot free, i would like that the client is redirect to a day that have spot free, because the client need to "search" a date that have free spots

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Gabriel, in case you want to display straight away the available time slots you will need to disable the calendar from the time step (which can be done in the appearance menu).

  • Avatar

    Is it possible to set how far in advance a client can book per service or staff, instead of the same for everything? For example, service A can be booked 6 weeks in advance while service B can only be booked 2 weeks in advance.

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi, at the moment this functionality is not available, there's only a global setting for this restriction.

  • Avatar
    Christopher Cook

    I want more than one client to be able to book the same time slot. For example: 2 clients can book the same 2 hour time slot. How can this be done?

    Edited by Christopher Cook
  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Chistopher, you either need to have more staff member that provide this service or use the group booking add-on. This add-on provides the option to create services with a bigger capacity, which means that more customers can book the same time slot, but only for the same service. Here you can find the demo:

  • Avatar

    Hi there, we have a number of staff who will be scheduling their availability each week - and is likely to be different each week as they are casual employees. Is there a way to use the calendar with actual date availability, so they could schedule a few weeks ahead, rather than just Mon-Sun, which I'm assuming means that their times will need to remain the same each week?

    For eg, Mary is available Monday 10-2pm, Wed 1-5pm and Thurs 10-2pm this week, but next week she will be working Monday 9-12pm, Tues 2-4pm.

    Clients will need to be able to see at least 2-3 weeks worth of individual staff availability.

    Thank you :)

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Gabbi, Bookly is designed to work with a weekly schedule, after you set up the staff member's schedule - this schedule will be repeated for the following weeks. The special days add-on offers the option to add days with a different schedule, that will override the weekly schedule. You could use this add-on to create a more flexible schedule. Here you can check the demo for this add-on:

  • Avatar

    Hello guys, I am asking if by this time the options:

    1)Minimum time requirement prior to booking
    2)Last cancellation date
    3)How far ahead will your clients be able to book

    Are already available for every service and not just as a "global settings restriction"?

    I need a preparation of 2 weeks for a service, so If a client want to book today the first date available will be in 2 weeks. But this just is needed for 1 service not for all :(

    Edited by Alex_NL
  • Avatar
    Karen Gill

    I do not see the following option you mention on this page, is it perhaps from an add-on that I would need?

    Bookly Settings > General > Minimum time requirement prior to booking

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