Zapier Integration

With Zapier, you can seamlessly connect Bookly to various cloud apps and create specific workflows to automate tasks.

Currently, you can use the following triggers for your automations:

  • New appointment
  • New or updated appointment
  • New customer
  • Updated appointment

Set up

1. In the Bookly Cloud section > Products, find Zapier, select your subscription plan, and click Get started to activate the integration.

2. In the new popup window, click Go to settings (Bookly Cloud > Zapier) and follow instructions to connect your Bookly to Zapier:

1. If you haven't already, sign up for Zapier.

2. Sign in to Zapier and click Create a Zap.

Bookly Zapier integration – setup

3. In the Choose App & Event step, search for the Bookly app and select it.

Bookly Zapier integration – setup

4. From the Choose Trigger Event dropdown, select a trigger and click Continue.

Bookly Zapier integration – setup

5. In the Choose Account, click Sign in to Bookly.

Bookly Zapier integration – setup

6. In the popup window enter the API Key from the settings (Bookly Cloud > Zapier) page, and click Yes, Continue.

Bookly Zapier integration – setup

Bookly Zapier integration – setup

7. Click Continue, then Test trigger and Continue.

8. Continue creating your Zap by selecting the options you'd like.

9. Finally, click Finish to create your Zap.

10. Once your Zap is created, make sure to toggle your Zap "on". It's now ready to go and will run automatically.

Bookly Zapier integration – setup

Creating a trigger that starts a Zap

Triggers are predefined rules that activate automatic actions, such as sending email notifications, based on specific events like new bookings, updates to existing bookings, and the creation of new customer profiles. You can leverage all available data associated with a booking or customer profile to configure your automations.

Please keep in mind:

The number of zaps you can create depends on your Zapier plan.

Ensure that you have a Zapier plan purchased separately through your Zapier account.

How to connect Gmail

Follow these steps to create a Zap that sends email notifications through Gmail using data from newly created appointments in Bookly:

1. If you've successfully completed the previous instructions and tested your trigger, click Continue.

2. In the Choose App field, search for Gmail and select Send email as the Choose Action Event.

Bookly Zapier integration – setup

3. Choose the Gmail account you want to connect.

4. Customize your email by inserting data from the list of available values.

Bookly Zapier integration – setup

5. Test your Zap before finalizing it.

6. Once your Zap is ready, activate it.

For a quick start, explore some of the pre-made Zap templates. Remember, you can customize your template with relevant appointment and customer information from Bookly to tailor your automation.

How to cancel or upgrade Zapier Integration

When activating a subscription, the selected plan amount will be deducted from your Bookly Cloud balance. You can cancel your subscription at any time before the paid period expires.

Cancellation Options:

Cancel on next renewal: Your subscription remains active until the end of the paid period and can be reactivated before it expires.

Cancel immediately: Your subscription is terminated. No refunds or credits are issued for the paid period.

You can change your subscription plan anytime by canceling the current subscription. If you choose "Cancel on next renewal", select a new plan after the paid period expires. If you opt for "Cancel immediately", you can select a new plan right away. No refunds or credits are provided for the paid period.



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