Online Meetings (Zoom, Google Meet, Jitsi, BigBlueButton)

You can set up integration with online meeting software to enable your staff members to conduct live meetings and deliver services online.

Currently, Bookly PRO supports integration with Zoom, Google Meet, Jitsi Meet, and BigBlueButton. Our team is continuously working on additional integrations to enhance the range of options available.

Services section in Bookly


The Zoom solution provides video and audio conferencing capabilities for interactive meetings on any device, whether desktop or mobile. Upon integration with Bookly, you can generate online meetings for new appointments using the {online_meeting_url} code in your confirmation emails and SMS notifications.

Set up integration

1. Go to Bookly Settings > Online Meetings > Zoom.

2. Sign in to your Zoom account.

3. Visit the Zoom App Marketplace.

4. Click on the Develop option in the dropdown at the top-right corner and choose Build App. Then select General App.

Zoom settings

Zoom settings

5. Under Basic Information, select Admin-managed app. Under App Credentials, find the Client ID and Client Secret. Enter these credentials in the form in Bookly Settings > Online Meetings.

Zoom settings

6. Enter the OAuth Redirect URL, found in Bookly Settings > Online Meetings.

Zoom settings

7. Add a new record to OAuth Allow Lists with the value of Redirect URL for OAuth found in Bookly Settings > Online Meetings. If using both HTTP and HTTPS, add both records for the OAuth allow list. Click Continue.

8. Skip the Features screen and click Continue.

9. Select the scopes required for your app.


Zoom settings

Zoom settings

Note: In most cases, it is not necessary to publish the application (if you only intend to use it within your company), so you can disable the option Publish the App on Zoom App Marketplace.

10. Save the settings at the bottom of the Settings > Online Meetings page in Bookly. Then, click the Connect OAuth button below to finalize the connection between Bookly and Zoom.

Bookly Settings

11. Grant permission to your app to access and manage information by clicking the Allow button.

12. Go to the Services section in Bookly. Select a service and click Edit > Advanced > Create online meetings and select Zoom from the dropdown menu to activate the connection.

Services section in Bookly – Advanced tab

Note that a Zoom video meeting link will be added to any appointment and a staff member with the selected service.

You can configure personal Zoom accounts for each staff member. Start by adding a staff Zoom account under User Management > Users in Zoom (this is done by the account owner).

Settings in Zoom

Next, click on the Connect button on a staff member's profile > Advanced > Zoom integration > OAuth 2.0, and log in to the employee's account.

Staff members section in Bookly – Advanced tab

Go to Email/SMS Notifications and insert the {online_meeting_url} code in the body of your email template to include the auto-generated link to your notification(s).

Email notifications section in Bookly

You can also use the following codes:

{online_meeting_start_url} – start URL is for the meeting host to launch a meeting.

{online_meeting_join_url} – join URL for meeting attendee.

{online_meeting_password} – auto-generated meeting password.

Zoom has different options concerning the number of hosts you can use in your account. For more details, see this link.

It’s not necessary for your staff members to enter Zoom before starting the appointment. But if you want to do it, you need to set it up in your Zoom account.

Please note that this video tutorial was recorded before Zoom introduced a new flow for app creation. While some changes will not affect your existing apps, certain settings may differ.

Google Meet

Video conference with Google Meet is available for anyone with a Google Account. A meeting link will be created for those staff members who have Google Calendar sync configured.

Set up integration

1. Go to Services > Edit > Advanced tab. In the Create online meetings drop-down, select Google Meet.

Service settings in Bookly - Zoom integration

2. Go to Email/SMS Notifications and insert the {online_meeting_url} code in the body of your template to include the auto-generated link to your notification(s).


All employees with Google Calendar integration who are assigned to a service with the Google Meet option enabled will automatically receive an online meeting URL when a new appointment is created through Bookly. Ensure that the {online_meeting_url} code is included in your confirmation emails and SMS notifications.

Jitsi Meet

To use Jitsi Meet service for online meetings, simply select this option in Edit service > Advanced tab > Create online meetings. The unique meeting link will be generated automatically. In Email/SMS Notifications, insert the {online_meeting_url} code in the body of your template.

Please note that starting on August 24th, the anonymous creation of rooms on is no longer supported. It is now necessary for at least one person, who serves as the moderator, to authenticate their identity via Google or Facebook.

You can find more detailed information here.

In Settings > Online Meetings, you can specify a custom Jitsi server used for online meetings.

Online Meetings section in Bookly


BigBlueButton is an open-source web conferencing system that can be hosted on your own server. This software is designed for online learning.

Set up integration

1. First, you must install BBB on a dedicated server or use the hosting services for BBB. Read here how to install BBB.

2. Go to Settings > Online meetings > BigBlueButton. To find your URL and Secret, connect to the server (e.g., via SSH) with hosted BBB and execute the following command in console: bbb-config --secret.

3. Use the data received in the form.

4. In Bookly > Services, select the service and click Edit > Advanced > Create online meetings. Pick BigBlueButton from the dropdown menu to enable the connection.

5. Go to Email/SMS Notifications and insert the {online_meeting_url} code in the body of your template to include the auto-generated link to your notification(s).

{online_meeting_start_url} – meeting link for a moderator.

{online_meeting_join_url} – meeting link for attendees.

{online_meeting_url} – meeting link for attendees.

Meeting link in Bookly booking form

You can display an online meeting link at the last step of the booking process. Go to Appearance > Done step, click on the underlined text to edit the wording, use the {online_meeting_url} in the 'booking complete' message.

Appearance section in Bookly

Meeting link in Bookly admin panel

When a new appointment is scheduled, Bookly will display a unique video meeting link in Appointments > Online meeting column (press + for non-widescreen monitors).

Appointments section in Bookly

Open the appointment details to view and copy the meeting link.

Appointment details window in Bookly

Appointment details window in Bookly

If you want to edit the meeting link in the appointment details, you will need to delete the existing appointment and create a new one.



[BOOKLY BLOG] How to Add Online Meeting URL to Any Bookly Appointment

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